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Moving right along... sort of.

Rumor has it the Palin family are shopping for a place in New York. Zip it up, Van Flein, you effen wanker tool! RUMOR, not fact. A Faux News job following weepy-dangerous idiot racist Glenn Beck right before that smug dickweed assclown Hannity much, perhaps? Surely this is merely coincidental but considering her failure as Mayor of Wasilla wherein heads rolled and people were fired by her for wanting to provide library access to some not-so-Wasilla-esque approved texts at their local library, this story seems like the community of East Hampton, Long Island MAY be paving the way for the Palin horde. As usual, I'm just sayin'... but it sounds eerily familiar doesn't it? "Heaven forbid the underprivledged kids have, you now, access to actual information and progressive points of view like science and stuff, also, too!"

Follow the links in the story from one of my favorite boingboing contributors Cory Doctorow for, as ol' Paul Harvey always said, "the REST of the story".


("Page Two!")


  1. Going beyond the "sometimes it isn't just the 'base' that acts stupid" part of that story -- when this East Hampton rumor first surfaced, I remember reading a story from last fall during the campaign that was in one of the local Long Island NY newspapers about Sarah Palin -- the local political womens' group there came right out and declared they were against Sarah Palin and everything she stood for.

    If the "moving to East Hampton" rumor is true, which I don't think it is -- Sarah Palin is not going to like the reception she's going to get, unless one of her sycophants (Rupert Murdoch?) is going to insulate her from local opprobrium.

    I think Gryphen's rumor about where the family ends up -- sans Todd? -- is much more likely; Montana (or a return to Idaho?) because the folks in those states think a lot more like the Palins.

  2. The Hamptons should just effing SECEDE.

  3. Now KaJo, the winky-winky har har guffaw jokes aren't funny if I have to explain them. The high hyperbole of the post itself should suffice. Note the "Humor" part of the blog description line? O-TAY!

    And RunninL8, oh I just bet Todd and Sarah would LOVE that. Their own private princessipality on Lawng Eyelund. The horror. The horror.