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inhaled breath... updated 2/22/09

I'm not saying much because I'm in 'observer' mode. Lots of things, both good and bad are happening. A lot of racism, a lot of lying and a lot of outright propaganda. Mostly from the base (an abomination) of the right. Conservatism, in its most pure form isn't about subdividing reality, it IS about our natural position as HUMANS upon Earth as 'comfortable' creatures. Think about it for a moment. Do we really want strife, discomfort, sorrow and further suffering to rule the day in our momentary lives? No. Absolutely not. We want happiness and enjoyment for us individually during our brief existence upon this planet.

Here's all I have to say at the moment, even though I identify Buddhist: "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's." And " The kingdom of Heaven is NOT upon earth...". As someone who is well versed in the concept of Judeo-Christianity, I am not unfamiliar with Christian concepts of existence. God is love. Jesus is about acceptance, non-judgment and forgiveness. Too many of those that identify that way forget that. All and I do mean ALL religious nuts on this planet need to realize that there is only ONE race upon this planet (from our own perspective, at least) and that is the HUMAN race. Period.

As such, among us HUMANS there should be no divisions. Are we not all here, for this moment humans, conversing, existing? Who am I to say that you have no right just to 'be'? Exactly as you are, even perfectly as you are?

Smart or dumb. racist or progressive, you have as much right to 'be' as do I. Let me not stand in judgment of the 'you' that YOU are, let me only be aware, alive and awake, knowing full well what I am and what I present to you. And let me serve as the reminder that you and I are not separate... we are the same. We are HUMAN. We have been and some if not most of us currently ARE completely rational. The vast majority of us will continue to be just so.

Second -- we must make our way the best we can by being inclusive and supportive of ALL of our fellow humans, no matter what beliefs. We are all humans so we should all support that which naturally makes us all human. Not a separateness from the rest of what we perceive to exist upon this planet but what truly IS. I am, you are, we are all together. Think of Earth as one giant organism and us humans as merely part of that organism. No greater, nor no less.

(I didn't publish this until February... late February. I am in winter hibernation mode and will emerge from my den in spring. Spring is the season of hope and it is said hope springs eternal. I hope. I hold my breath, quietly letting the whisper "everything is going to be alright" dance across my lips, slowly exhaling. Repeating. As needed. I think you know what I mean.)