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I voted. So far everyone I picked is winning. More later...

Oh let me add to that. No line, no waiting at poll. Went during lunch.

MSNBC Live calls it for Obama at 7PM AST.

Obama is half-white and half-black. He can be claimed equally by the mutts of America like me and he can be claimed by both the whites and the blacks. This is our nation's shot at working some shit out. The only race problem we all have is we all don't realize there is only one race -- the human race. So "carpe diem!" or however it is spelled. It's hammer and tongs time for all of us, shoulder to the grindstone and we will ALL get through this together. Thus, hope.

Wewt! Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania! I felt a landslide coming on because boy are we Americans generally pissed at Bush, the Republicans and most especially the neocons, but so far so OMEffingGawd! Hang on...

Wow. McCain concedes. Class act actually. Pity his campaign was hijacked by Rovians. Remember kids, neocons SUCK!. Seriously. Bad. Baaaaad! Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, good... Bush, baaaaad! Ouch.

Karl Rove? The mutha-effin anti-christ, people. Seriously. Seer - ee -- us -- ly. Go back to Texas or wherever. Seriously, son of kink piercing king daddy boy -- retire to your ranch. Get off the soon to be marginalized FAUX News Channel.

Waiting... Obama speaks... shhhh.

Joe the Senator appears. It's done. Stick a fork in it. I am happy. We need change. But we really all need to do something positive. Volunteer. Something. Serve to earn your citizenship, which was always the message of Heinlein in stuff like "Starship Troopers". To be a full participant in the mythological "American Dream" one must fully invest oneself in the process by investing in actual, physical service to one's country. There lay the path to one being a full citizen of one's country. Military, Peace Corps, whatever. Just do something to contribute to something positive socially. Period.

Funny thing is, Robert Heinlein was so far right as to be downright progressive. But that's another story.