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FILE: Too Big To Facebook....

A message for a blogging and facebook friend (and please indulge me by quoting her for a moment. I doubt she expected I'd make it a blog post, so apologies ex post facto.):

Ryan Jaimz Knight Boo. The IRS somehow managed to not have my new legal name, one that I've had for nearly two years, on file, and have thus delayed my refund. Despite the fact that I even have a SS card in said name. A phone call later, I managed to get them the corrected information, but now I have to wait ANOTHER four weeks for said monies. Boo. Boo. Boo.
I wanted to respond on facebook but at times some things are just too damn big for facebook, the concepts and words too sweeping for the passing (sometime) trivialities of facebook.... so my response/opinion is this:

Bureaucrats are being particularly trying this year what with us poor citizens having the audacity to insist upon things like three-figure tax returns on our income tax withholdings or people like me becoming millionaires off of our three-figure  unemployment checks.... ('neocon formatting') because you know it's the poor who have put America where we are financially what with all their taking out bad loans they couldn't pay for (in spite of rampant evidence of predatory lending and numerous abuses of the credit card system by banks) while trying to live above their means. ('/neocon formatting'). A-hem. Trying to clear my throat of the talking point.  Pardon me a moment while I spit, also, too.

Welcome to living life within the neocon narrative and the punishment the poor are now receiving as the last dying vestiges of the past administration and the whole ideology the GOP has foisted upon America, big smelly, steamy pile of shit that it is, since Reagan. It's not right, it's a huge mess, and the sooner we turn out all the dead wood in those agencies as well as replacing similar bad actors in congress, the sooner we ALL can get on with that hopey, changey thing. Neocons are doing everything they can right now to make those of us who don't fully buy into their bullshit, suffer. We get to live it. Lucky us. For just a little while longer, though. Say 2010 or at the latest, 2012.

Fight the good fight, Ryan. We all get through it. The best of us by retaining our humanity rather than giving in to the reptilian brain as they have. In the long run mammals survived. Dinosaurs, not so much. Let those crazy bastards ride their dinosaurs to hell, be it figuratively or literally as demonstrated by the blood made of extinct dinosaurs, now fouling our southern beaches. They (neocon GOP and by extension 'teabagettes') are their own dying breed. These are the noises they make when they become the instruments of their own extinction. Change IS on the horizon. Just continue to embrace your inner lemur.