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Her last act was her best act...

Here's the most complete video I've found of Sarah Palin's last speech as governor, in Fairbanks at the Governor's Annual Picnic, moments before officially aborting at mid-term her sworn duties to the state of Alaska as governor by quitting. This was quickly followed by the swearing in ceremony of Lt. Governor Sean Parnell as new governor of the state of Alaska, which was followed by the even more procedurally odd swearing in of General Campbell to the position of "Temporary Lt. Governor":

It's incredibly long by her standards and I do not recommend using this as a method of torture against our enemies. It would simply be too inhumane. This many crazy half-processed thoughts and the mish-mash of the usual word salad would likely choke your average healthy Clydesdale horse. Ramp up to it brave people! Take it in small doses if necessary. You've been warned.

By the way, does anyone know if Campbell has resigned his commission with both the Air Force and Alaska National Guard yet? If not, the moment he took the oath of office he was in contraversion of official federal military policy.


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