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The OTHER Naughty Monkey pump DROPS...

I knew that eventually Alaska's "Grifter-in-Chief" would have to face the music for getting a per diem for living in her own damn house in Wasilla when she should have been ensconsed in the Governor's Mansion in Juneau...

From now until July 25th it's going to be a never-ending litany of "we told you so" from her constituents (including me), culminating in a huge blowout party by progressives on July the 26th when she officially leaves. Yes she was right. Alaska WILL be a better place without her (and her deeply flawed political instincts) around. Thanks, Sarah!



  1. I disagree.

    Gov'r Palin has already been investigated for this.

    This is sweet sixteen for the Governor. Why can't you guys leave her alone?

    Or put differently - why do you hate her?

  2. Hate? Me? You've got the wrong person. This is a new ethics complaint, not the old one.

    I personally don't have any grievances with her, nor any lawsuits pending against her. So what was the question? Oh yeah why don't we Alaskan bloggers leave her alone? Three words, uttered by her: "hold me accountable". Ever since she said those words she's been doing her damnedest to avoid accountability, openness and transparentcy in government. We took her at her word and she has betrayed all of her Alaskan constituents by her actions.

    Or to put it differently - why do you hate America and our 1st Amendment?


  3. Dissident:
    I expect something more out of my senator, representative, and governor. More than someone who promises and never delivers.

    We have majority rule in this country it is part of our democracy. I didn't like Bush, or Nixon, and even my local representative. BUT they all have been elected by a majority vote, so I will accept that.

    I hope and assume that when they pursue a government office, they are aware of the task, know what government is about, and are ready to give their all to make it work.

    Almost every elected government official has family, but I have not seen them thrust their children out onto center stage in the various conditions that I have seen Sarah Palin push hers out there. I am embarrassed for Bristol and worry about Trig and what life will bring him. I have raised several children and proudly watch them get an education, know what morals are, and know what the ten commandments are. I carefully did my best to watch over them and protect and teach them about the throes of life.

    I have not seen Sarah Palin do much of that. Elected officials carry a large burden on their shoulders. I expect them to be able to handle their office wisely and judiciously.

    Elected officials may not be 100% open all the time, but I do not expect them to lie about important issues--such as belonging to a secessionist party. Remember the Civil War? there is battlefield near me that saw one of the bloodiest events in our history. The sadness of that event is still talked about and remembered here.

    That's just one example. Enough said. I would expect much more of Sarah Palin than she has shown herself to be capable of. She has been a tool of the GOP and she will continue to allow herself to be used and in turn will use others just as much.

    Politians - nay people- are not perfect. But I expect certain capabilities and experience with or without an education from people in certain positions. Several members of my family are self educated and they show much more smarts than I have seen from SP.

    She has made her choices and I and many other have commented on them. Her actions are a far cry from what I (and apparently others) expect from any elected official.

    10 cats

  4. Like all the other nonsensical "ethics" complaints, this one will get tossed. The difference is, this one will get tossed quicker than the others since it has already been investigated. I have to wonder what these morons will do with their miserable lives after July 26th. I would suggest gainful employment. A novel concept I know, but one perhaps worth considering. But then again, I would be shocked if any of these folks has earnings potential greater than their welfare check. Governor Palin, on the other hand, will earn millions in the private sector before the end of the year. How do you all feel about that?

    The big blowout to which you refer will be quite a shindig indeed, complete with unlimited twinkies (paid for with funds Celtic Diva raised) and ripple, all available for a cover charge at the trailer park at which this event will transpire. I'm guessing the collective IQ at the aforementioned event will almost reach triple digits. Enjoy!

  5. I see you gutless deranged lunatics didn't post my comment. Not surprising. Good luck with that rapidly melting iceberg. I'd give this one a week at most.

  6. Thanks for expressing your opinion and feelings, Doug B, however I would advise a little patience (comments made at 6am this morning, whining at 6:51am -- I was still asleep dude and didn't have a chance to approve your post(s) yet) before launching into the ad hominem attacks in the future.

    Thanks for your concern as to whatever we Alaskan bloggers will do after Sarah leaves... since we ALL are private citizens with day jobs and are NOT "political operatives" or on the payroll of the DNCC, we'll all be just fine. Just like we were BEFORE she came and "worked her magic" on us all.