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Release the Hounds!

I have an idea that Alaska is going to be a theoretical legal political testing grounds and perhaps even more shockingly a paramilitary/milita testing grounds as well in the next 18 months -- something that could make Palin's antics of the past 2 1/2 years pale by comparison.

Sean Parnell may as well have Sarah's arm up his ass working his lips FOR him for as much independence of policy and agenda he has shown since the announcment of her quitting on Alaska. I have an idea that Palin and all her appointees who remain may attempt to play puppet master to our current Governor, "Temporary Lt. Governor" and "Interim Attorney General" both of whom are in a present state of legal limbo precisely because of them being unconfirmed by the legislature as required by Alaska's constitution... all actions by them are quasi-legal until confirmed in my opinion and as clearly cited in our own state constitution. Remember that the timing of all these events have been set in motion by Sarah herself.

I have discussed this state of affairs with a government official who is more official than the officer he presently serves under, assuring me in email that the language of the constitution expresses that they are assumed to be "official" until confirmation with all the inherent duties, powers and responsibilities. Problem with that is, what if the legislature does as they did with Wayne Anthony Ross and votes AGAINST confirmation? What about the legality of any rulings or actions executed by them while serving as temporary, unconfirmed officers? I don't think I'm exaggerating too greatly here when I say that the legal gray area is a vast, vast chasm of pitch black void as it pertains to existing state case law, waiting to be filled with case (after case, after case) work from hungry Alaskan lawyers and paralegals.

At present, Campbell is expected to be discussed in special session but we have to wait until JANUARY for senate discussion of Sullivan at AG. Talk about having your legal ass in the wind! Anything and everything could happen. Hang on Alaska, we're in for a VERY bumpy ride! And I say "discussion" in both cases because, like I said above and cannot repeat often enough, both are still temporary until they get an up or down vote from the Senate.

Now -- to get the "crazy ball" rolling at full speed I'm just going to toss out a couple of "feelings" about "possible scenarios" that I'm getting from all this, during our first baby steps into the golden dawn that IS this new and exciting "post-Palin" political era. First Joe Schmidt didn't take the Lt. Governor job because that would impede his ability to cooperate and help from the inside with longtime personal friend Todd Palin in acting as shadow government and puppet-masters, exerting their influence over all the Palinistas and Palinbots still planted deeply within our state government. Second, the possibility that all these actions and the present quasi-legal status of our AG may have been specifically designed for the hidden purpose of Sarah leading a drive, once and for all, for Alaska to stand up with her and Todd
and "all good, decent, God fearing people" AGAINST "that evil Socialist Obama" and succeed from the union. AIP wins! AIP wins! The nightmare only gets weirder, folks, and I swear I'm as sober as a baptist preacher at the moment so at least these are NOT the wild ideas of an alcohol fueled and/or drug crazed mind. Unless you count Crunch & Munch's high sugar content as a drug, that is.

If I'm not right, at the very least it would make a great plot for a spy novel and if I am right I'm going to be either too effen flabbergasted to say "I told you so..." or too effen dead for stumbling upon their evil master plan and publishing it here live. Again it's only a "feeling", not fact, not even rumor -- but an idea such as this makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! Consider yourself lucky I don't work for them and suggest they pursue such machinations! Thank your lucky stars that OMFGAK (moi, aka Laz aka Randy) is NOT holding up a big glowing red neon sign that reads "Evil Genius -- Will Work For Grift". You needen't worry much. I have a low tolerance for working with idiots. One earns karma points working AGAINST idiocy.

Oh and by the way, I don't care what Bill McAllister calls them -- until confirmation Daniel S. Sullivan is "acting or interim Attorney General" and state officials should be required by law to call him that every time they say anything about him. Same with Campbell. He is "acting or interim Lt. Governor" until confirmed as required by Alaskan constitution law. All official documents must reflect this as well. Even the ones online, Bill. It twists my nipples as a citizen of Alaska to hear these guys being referred to by the official titles of the positions they would assume AFTER confirmation. It isn't a done deal yet and in my opinion it ought to be illegal to play them off as being official until the "fat legislature sings". Period.



  1. Remember when WAR was hangin' out in the AG's office and even using the stationary while they were still arguing his confirmation?

    Could be the same scenario, just a longer timeframe. This will be an interesting situation to keep an eye on.

    I do think you are right on regarding the "palin" infiltration of AK Gov. Probably much worse than we ever thought. Regardless of how Parnell performs we may need a thorough cleaning and regime change in the 2010 election, just to make certain that all corners of govt have been swept and sanitized, ie, leave no palinbots behind, not a single one.

    Interesting write up, thanks!

  2. I do remember. It is part of the argument I present. "What if they serve for months and months and then are rejected by the legislature?" -- the legal implications are mind boggling.

    Agreed about 2010. Then again, I'm someone who thinks there should be a mandatory two term limit imposed upon all elected offices.



  3. It seems strange to me that an attorney general and a lieutenant governor could actually be interim/acting for potentially such a long time.

    It's counter to the intent of the law that requires confirmation for these high-level posts.

    But then, you have a very part-time legislature. Seems to me it would be far better to have two regular sessions in a year spaced so that no pressing matter could be delayed longer than a few months.

    Ahh, you maverick-y AKns, you! :)

  4. Appointments to positions can go as long as six months without confirmation according to the Alaskan Constitution.