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This explains *everything*...

Now it all makes sense... it's not "word salad" when she speaks -- Sarah Palin is a poet and she doesn't even know it. Not convinced? Another unintentional ghostwriter gives some of her statements the poetic treatment.

Thus proving that the majority of the "mainstream gotcha media" are a bunch of knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers with little or no appreciation or understanding of fine poetry. Think about it. Her style and approach to public speaking always has seemed, at least to this listener, as though one was attending a poetry slam.

I add a recent tweet of hers, a little bloaty to be true haiku:

Elected is replaceable;
Ak will progress!
+ side benefit=10 dys til
less politically correct twitters
fly frm my fingertips
outside state site

So there you have it. She sort of lost me with the mathematical symbols but that's just Sarah being "edgy". She's so good that way, progressing poetry for us all, for the benefit of humankind. Personally I would have spelled them out to go for the cheap rhyme scheme. As an unofficial and temporary editor, might I suggest "tweets" rather than "twitters" because of it being easier to find a rhyme for that word AND most especially because she should probably avoid using any words containing the word "twit"?

Is it time for a "twitter-vention"? Must we scream in unison, using our best Ivy Frye voices, that Sarah needs to "Stop Tweeting! Stop Tweeting NOW!"?



  1. By golly, I believe you are on to something! It all makes no sense now. Oh wait. It made no sense before. Never mind.

  2. Electe'able is quit'able
    AK wanted progress!
    & side benefits minus 2010
    you political twit
    fly fly far
    outside state sight...

    thank you ladies & gents....

  3. As posted elsewhere:

    Bitter Twitter Quitter?

  4. She'll never quit twitter just like I'll never start. She seems addicted to the direct bitchy venom she can spew from her fingertips. Perhaps even more so once she aborts her term as Governor.

    Nice one, teal, but mine was a direct quote... no need for me to add more idiocy croutons to the original word salad.


  5. no no's where I stomp my pointy witch shoes and pull out my spellbook. Bad enough she set back the cause of women in politics a coupla decades....bad enough she personifies the evil working mother stereotype...bad enough she has f***ed a very nice state and a buncha nice folks...I will not allow the title "poet" (a sacred term) to be associated with that woman. Buttercup doll....wrapping string around mouth and hands.....

  6. It's always good to pay attention to the Tags associated with posts here... like "Snark Snark Who's There?"

    The idea being that her ludicrous twitterings only make sense as FAILED poetry, but poetry nonetheless. She writes Senryu when she thinks she's writing Haiku.

    So I agree with your valid points, Georgia. I was just being a smartass in prose.


  7. is it tacky to say well duh? you snark... I snark...either way, the dolly gets it....