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You CAN'T make this shit up...

Many Alaskans seem to be unaware that our soon to be ex-Governor appointed three new judges this week. Judges she picked from a list submitted by the Alaska Judicial Council. Judges in her words from her own twitter account who will be "interpretting (sic) law, not making law".

So far so good. Typical and relatively scandal free. Now let the S.P. gaffe machine crank up to full speed before I reveal some things discovered digging through documents... one judge (from Palmer and I'm sure he's a perfectly nice man even though I don't know him personally) piqued my curiosity in particular because of his name -- Gregory L. Heath.

I know! Instantly I thought "is he related to her somehow?" and started spanking Google like a atubborn two-bit mule. And you will not believe what I found. OMFG! Now turn to page 8... I'll wait for you. Question 16. Read it slowly. Now go read this page. A brief quote from that article:

"In the resurfaced footage from the May 2005 blessing or "anointing" of Sarah Palin, at the Wasilla Assembly of God, three pastors surround Sarah Palin and bless her with the laying-on of hands. One of the pastors was Thomas Muthee. Another was Phil Markwardt of the Wasilla area Crossroads Community Church. The third was Wasilla Assembly of God head pastor Ed Kalnins. Kalnins and Markwardt traveled with Muthee, in 2005, to Africa to visit Muthee's Kenya-based. Kalnins has stated he has made two other trips to Africa, presumably to Muthee's church. Kalnins' and Markwardt's churches are among a Wasilla area church consortium helping to finance Muthee's Kenyan church expansion program." (emphasis added)

Now I'm NOT implying anything nefarious here but do you think it is totally out of the realm of possibilities that the judge is not somehow within her circle of friends and familiar with the Rev. Muthee? He states in his application (page 8 question 16, again) they have been a host family for an exchange student from Kenya. He was probably at the 2005 anointing of S.P., even.

So what is my point? Well only that there are a lots of coincidences surrounding this judicial appointment and that it is an example of exactly how, long after S.P. is just a memory, she will continue to have influence over Alaskan's lives. Just like her political mentor G. W. Bush, I have an idea she's going to spend a lot of time "embedding" like-minded individuals in positions of power within Alaska before she sashays off into the sunset. So be afraid Alaska. Be very afraid.

From the article:

"The Bible says that since the days of John The Baptist the Kingdom suffers violence. The violent take it by force. People that have spiritual backbone are the ones that will move forward. I thank God for what I see happening in this place. I thank God for the vision, the passion that I can see here.

And my word is this: The more violent you become, the more committed you become, the quicker you will see things happen in this region."

Muthee's rhetoric has, if anything, grown more extreme since that 2004 sermon, as attested to in a recent post from journalist Max Blumenthal who traveled to Alaska to attend Bishop Thomas Muthee's September 20-21 appearance at the Wasilla Assembly of God. As Blumenthal describes:

On the first night of services, Muthee implored his audience to wage "spiritual warfare" against "the enemy." As I filmed, a nervous church staffer approached from behind and told me to put my camera away. I acceded to his demand, but as Muthee urged the church to crush "the python spirit" of the unbeliever enemies by stomping on their necks, I pulled out a smaller camera and filmed from a more discreet position. Now, church members were in deep prayer, speaking in tongues and raising their hands. Muthee exclaimed, "We come against the spirit of witchcraft! We come against the python spirits!" Then, a local pastor took the mic from Muthee and added, "We stomp on the heads of the enemy!""



  1. Shocking? Yes, but hardly surprising. Didn't we hear that she was getting people in place in preparation for her departure.

    I think that she believes she is doing God's work. I was reading something not too long ago, that was talking about her during her younger days, and she is profoundly religious if you believe what was said. Organising college kids in prayers and getting them up on Sunday mornings to go to church.

    Her claims now of not belonging to any particular church may well be true, but that misrepresents the fact that she was ingrained in the church doctrine of her youth.

    She is someone who needs to be kept out of power, because as we can see, it isn't a good thing for anyone when she gets a little bit of it.

    By the way...your newest and biggest fan here ;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by... glad to have you aboard.


  3. Nice catch.

    The fact that Mr. Heath and Mr. Muthee are both involved in water projects (presumably the same projects) in Kenya leads me to suspect that the two are not just acquainted but working together. I'm guessing that they were introduced to each other by Mr. Markwardt.

    So, I think what we have here is Sarah Palin doing her part for the 7 Mountains Strategy. Scary.

  4. When she twitted about her appointments, I asked the question on one of the blogs if anyone had any info about any of those judges, and if she possibly had seleceted them to be one of her 'gifts that keep on giving'... Seems like my hunch was true...
    Thanks for digging, and PLEASE spread the news/truth, so that maybe, just MAYbe Alaskans wake up in time and DO something before it is too late, to CUT HER WINGS and put her in jail for a good, long time! (After all, if Gryphen is right, and the rumors are true that she has been thinking of quitting since at least December, then she is a simple, two-timing crook for setting up her PAC and her legal trust fund, knowing full well she will take the monies and run, with no intention of staying.

  5. Hey Laz,

    Great article! You are spot on with regard to Palin's ongoing and viral connections to these players in the world of extreme evangelicals known as Political Dominionism.

    I am currently writing a book titled, "God's Own Party? - Keep Your Bible OFF My Ballot!" about this very topic along with my fellow researcher/collaborator known as "dogemporer" on Daily Kos, talk2action and Dark Christianity.

    This movement was formed in 1976 and Palin is no "accidental tourist" on the Pol Dom cruise.

    I also share ongoing information on my blog at

    Thank you for spanking google on this one!

    :) Leah Burton

  6. I love your blog! Can't wait to read more from you!

  7. ...all the names of church members need to be examined....and one more thing...Sarash and Gregory have the same middle name M/F version...i'm wondering if there is a family connection

  8. Do you remember Chuck Kopp, the fellow Palin Christianist who after 10 days and a $10,000 severance deal resigned after it was proven he had sexually harrasssed a subordinate?
    Do you know who is on our judicial concil now?
    WE let this happen, folks.
    Ask questions now!

  9. In my research I found no direct family connection but someone digging deeper on that could find otherwise. A familial relationship is less worrying to me personally than is a connection through her wacky religious circle.

  10. I agree, as far as her religious, right-wing, extremist ideologies...very freaky and scary! And she is NOT going away...she is now going to go all over the lower 48 and such to ignite and excite her extremist followers. We all need to pay attention so we don't end up with a theocracy!

  11. One can only hope she continues to be shunned by most Republicans as far as her ability to campaign and raise funds... so far several people running for Governor of their respective states have said "thanks but no thanks" because they don't want to be associated with a perceived "quitter". However desperation when losing becomes inevitable might drive them to her... let's ALL hope that doesn't happen.

    Frankly I still say she's going to have no choice but to start a third party and hopefully that fringe element is not enough to carry an actual election.


  12. Laz, find a friend who likes to do geneology and ask them to do a bit of research on Also, go to . You can find a history of addresses and also do a background search for a reasonable fee. I would be very interested in what you find. Good article.

    Being a family member and/or a church member would be redundant.

  13. Pretty much a done deal already. There seems to be no family linkage unless they're distant cousins. His background is from San Diego and Montana prior to Alaska and even a cursory look at it makes it appear at least that they are not directly related. Again I have an idea it is more important to delve deeper into the religious linkage.

    Cousins? No big whoop. Crazy apocalyptic Christian church buddies? Big whoop -- very big whoop in the light of other circumstances and recent (as yet unconfirmed by the legislature) appointments.


  14. the problem child7/12/2009 6:46 PM

    Laz, also on page 8 of the application, question 17a re convictions is checked yes. No further information is provided on page 19 as required. Could be speeding tickets, but... Worth checking out.

  15. I wonder if Pastor Ed, Pastor Todd, Pastor Phil, or Pastor Nathan have bothered to tell their flock that Mr. Muthee turned out to be an utter fraud ( I doubt it. I'm guessing they don't want facts to get in the way of their little tax free magic show.

    By the way, Mr. Muthee is by no means the most bizarre figure to have spoken at Wasilla Assembly of God church, the church Sarah Palin attended for nearly 30 years. For instance, Lance Wallnau, who spoke at WAoG on June 7th of 2009, told the congregation that Christians should be doing in the US what "jihād oriented Muslims" are doing in their countries. I'm not exaggerating. Check out video of Wallnau's sermon at the WAoG Video and Audio Archive ( before it's disappeared like other videos that were once there.

    Yes, this blog is indeed correct. You can't make this shit up.

  16. I noticed that the judge answered that YES he has been arrested in the past - but did not say what the arrest was for.

  17. Alaskan Sisu8/12/2009 4:13 PM

    Yeah, just waiting until she steps in shit again, also. Thanks for the good read.

  18. My children were taken from my custody in 2009, My judge is Heath, The perpetrator who caused Shaken Baby Syndrome injuries on my daughter, grew up in the home of Sarah Palin as friends with her children, now, Judge Heath and the corrupt OPA court appointed attorneys will not accept two forensic interviews expertly done with my children, testifying the abuse they suffered while I was visiting my new born baby at the hospital... ss