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The inevitable post party hangover...

So. Well. Gee, Sarah. Umm.. what now?

(she scans her 'to do' list)

1. Aerial Wolf Hunting.

2. Makin' Alaska safe for our families, with the liberty and freedoms also, too.

3. Shoe Shopping!

4. Crush my enemies and drive their women and children before me as I laugh at hearing the sounds of the wailing and gnashing of their teeth. Burn their villages and leave no stone unturned. Slaughter all their livestock and plunder their granaries.

5. Go for a jog, you betcha! (BEFORE No. 4, DUH!)

6. Pick up the new Arctic Cat Jet Ski! (AFTER JULY 26th! DUH!)

7. Solve world hunger.

8. Lunch with Carrie Prejean.

9. Decorate new office at FOX.

10. Be fabulous. (Although this SHOULD BE No. 1! There's ALWAYS time for Aerial Wolf Hunting now that Todd has that sweet little plane of his...)


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