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Fudging the Numbers...

Of course the disclosure of costs as released by the Palin administration for Alaska to handle ethics complaints against her is a big fat stinking lie. What did you expect? If you don't provide the original digital file in petrified form (showing the date of the original digital file creation as well as authorship, &tc.), then you are lying. Non date-stamped documents are worth squat and Van Flein knows this but he's too busy collecting money to actually offer REAL help to the quitter-in-chief.

Game over, Sarah. Please return to the stewardship of your own family (which seriously needs some attention, IMO) and get the hell out of our lives... also, too, get the hell off of OUR media with your incompetent word salad explanations of your reasoning for being a quitter. We are all long past the point of caring about your self centered existence. Go fish!


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