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This is all making my brain hurt!

(and thanks to Chris in AK for the tip on this)...

Lt. Governor Sean Parnell has now weighed in officially as the the conundrum (or "constitutional crisis") concerning the appointment of Campbell as Lt. Governor continues to spiral into even more legal complexity before Governor Palin leaves office.

This again leaves a couple of unanswered questions. First, can Parnell even legally do this since he has not yet been sworn in as the Governor especially considering that the law concerning interim appointments specifically says the "Governor" can make these appointments and says nothing about the "Lt. Governor"? I understand it is being framed as an official letter of intent, but is it yet another quasi-legal issue that cannot be sufficiently resolved until either Parnell is sworn in or the Alaskan legislature gives it's vote of approval or denial?

Second, and this is something Alaskan bloggers are already debating amongst themselves, shouldn't Campbell have to resign his active duty military commission before the appointment or at least before taking the official oath of office? What happens if he does so and the legislature decides NOT to confirm?

Yes indeed, we are "blessed to live in interesting times", just like the old Chinese proverb says...



  1. Parnell couldn't be making it more clear that he's going to march in lockstep with the shadow governor, the puppetmistress, his future consultant and mentor.

  2. As I have said before: Sarah Palin, GINO: the gift that keeps on giving...