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Predictions and Prognostications!

(by Ima L. Stinker and I. P. Frehly)

[in a wicked moment I put this up in the comments section at AKM but I think it deserves it's own venue at OMFGAK]

Prediction: If there actually is a special session called by the legislature they will come together as a bipartisan body solely to overwhelmingly overturn her rejection of the $26 million in federal alternative energy stimulus money, gavel out and go home, leaving the question of her Lt. Governor appointment unanswered.

"Oh I'm sorry, what Sarah? What about your Lt. Governor appointment? Well since you resigned and are now (or will be by then) a private citizen, we are awaiting the decision of the Governor, Sean Parnell as to who HE chooses to nominate to the position..."

If that happened (and frankly karmic justice practically demands that it does) I'd have to wear an adult diaper for fear of wetting myself while laughing so hard.


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