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Letters, we get letters, we get stacks and stacks of...

Well you get the idea. I just got a post from a bloke in the comments section I denied because I don't seek publicity and do not wish to be interviewed for his radio show in Australia. Thanks. But no thanks. Why did I need to say this? Because I choose to not be FULLY wired into everything. You email me and sometimes I don't get it for a couple of days. I didn't even own a cell phone until October 2008 and I mostly still use it as a phone even though it's a PDA. You see I'm an old fart. A luddite at heart really. Oh all these technology doohickeys are fine and dandy but one must never let them become your master. One must learn to unplug (mostly) as I did (mostly) over my staycation weekend.

Besides -- a guy from down under says he wants to interview you at lunch Sunday, you start thinking, wait -- his lunch or my lunch? And then the flurry of emails and texting and twittering and blogging and more emails and... again you get the idea. This is America's birthday, dammit and I shall not be moved from my enjoyment of adult beverages and BBQ!


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