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Open Mouth, Insert Foot (AGAIN)...

Another day, another horrible gaffe for Sarah. Another case of "I was *FOR* it before I was against it". See also "Bridge to Nowhere", "Alternative Energy Stimulus Money", &tc.

Along with many of my progressive friends, I have a high degree of doubt that she even wrote the WaPo op-ed piece. With the exception of the continued misuse of the word "progressing", none of it seems or reads as though it came from her brain.

(with apologies for posting without self-editing ;) stinkin' day job requiring my attention...)


  1. Laz, I know this is petty, but correct you statement of hers - "I was *FOR* it before..." ;)

  2. WakeUpAmerica7/14/2009 3:42 PM

    What brain?

  3. Thanks for the grammar correction FED. I'm always a writer in search of an editor so I truly appreciate it.

    And WUA - it's "What brain?" (rimshot)