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Stick a fork in her...

She's done.

Joltin' Joe Scarborough has the rundown:

And the some Democratic pundits on "Hardball" (Matthews wasn't there because he probably had to be rushed off to Johns Hopkins to treat a severe "leg tingle"):

I have an idea she will do fund raising stuff for people (in Alaska and nationally) who share her ideology and probably focus on special olympics/special needs kids. But she will never return to politics. At least not "Republic(an)('t)" politics. Talk shows, book tours or the director of something public relations related, yes. "Politics as usual"or as a "public servant"? Never.

Unless... maybe something at the RNC if she has any friends left there but that's a slim chance. My money is on her forming a third party. Because she's all maverick-ey that way, you betcha.


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