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Delusional much?

WTF, Sarah? You aren't EVEN in the same league intellectually with Dick Cheney and Rudolph Gulianni. I don't mean that in a BAD way. Seriously. I'm saying this and not even in a sexist sort of way, honestly -- you need to get your sorry thin-skinned ass OUT of politics. I don't hate you. I don't even necessarily think you're particularly a whack job, but from one human being alowing honesty to another human being, please persue a position at the special olympics or something around the issue of special needs children. America, whether YOU believe it or not, does NOT need you "progressing America's security" or something that is absolutely and TOTALLY out of your skill set. Stick with issues and causes you can feel passionate about that don't put you in the position of being Joseph Goebbels (Chief Propaganda Minister) to Rush Limbaugh's currnet portrayal of Hitler. Believe it or not I think you're smarter than that. Seriously, Sarah.

(and having violated an internet rule by mentioning Nazis, this thread is over...)

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