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Metaphors by me on AKM comments section...

(responding to questioning about the new Sarah-meme to brand all who oppose her as envious or haters, and most especially women...)

Well I’m neither envious nor personally hateful, so that’s just more dissembling and attempted re-branding on their part… then again I’m male. So perhaps I’m not the ‘target audience’.

On the other side of this double headed coin is the sexualization of Sarah. The Naughty Monkey pumps. The jogging togs cheesecake shots. The skimpy bikini comic book character (and granted on this latter issue Sarah has little or no control over what third parties do with her ‘image’, or ‘iconography’ as we have all recently learned with the help of Meg “The Mouth”, the internet and graphics editing software). Or consider the excessively sexualized nature of comments made by numerous male supporters, including John Cole and Wayne Anthony Ross, both of whose public comments about Sarah’s looks were excessively creepy… yeah that doesn’t work for me either. I have never thought Sarah particularly beautiful or attractive nor have I/would I entertain inappropriate fantasies, sexual or otherwise about her. She’s a married woman with five kids, people. There is nothing in that looks/circumstance/lifestyle/[power] combo that would close the deal for me. Sorry Sarah, I’m just not that into you.

So I am further protected from their “populist sex-ray gun marketing campaign” as conducted by Republic(an)(’t)(s) Meg, the C4Pers and AFT (her legal slush fund) by personal ethics and morals. And maybe a necklace of garlic, some holy water and a large wooden cross. Or a big ‘whacking’ shovel in case they’re actually ZOMBIES that come after my BRAAAAIIIIIINNNNNSSSS! Or a big bucket of wet beach sand from Homer to pour on the Palinbots… so yay — go me! [And actually go US -- all Alaskan bloggers]. As an[ ] Alaskan[s], I[we] am[are] prepared to be Austin Powers to her Dr. Evil. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Look it up, neotheocons (supporters of Palin).

Alaskan bloggers have gotten past the sharks with frikken’ lasers, past the fembots with machine guns for nipples, past the missile launch (see recent youtube video produced by a Sarahcophant). We’re ready for the justice and just deserts part. Yeah baby, YEAH!

Now show me the public documents providing full disclosure or actually run an open and transparent government and I get all flush with excitement! ;) You betcha! I’m just old enough to be funny that way. But I understand Sarah just isn’t all that into the representative democracy, public servant foreplay stuff.


[ ] = omitted from original, added here

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