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Here there be icebergs, yaaaaarrrgh!

I admit it. I wanted to spew out all sorts of crap about my feelings "as an Alaskan" about S.P. and her quitting... some grandiose and overblown opus of a blog rant so as to fully end any desire to even feel the need to have that essentially self-serving discussion with myself (and a few readers) on a public blog.

Now I don't have to thanks to Donald Craig Mitchell.

Though I must say, it is long. Folks with short attention spans will be challenged to read every word of it. Yet it is also a compelling and worthwhile read, serving as rebuttal to an entire, albeit brief era under the sway of the large personality that IS S.P.

And one final note to Mr. Mitchell: It is not acceptable for you to refer to her child as "damaged Baby" Trig. You will undoubtedly be taking some verbal shots from your peers and the blogosphere at large for that comment because it isn't nor has it ever been about her kids. It's about HER manifest shortcomings. In my opinion you owe her, him and everyone an apology for crossing the boundary of decorum and good taste with those two tiny words.

Oh and the iceberg part? It doesn't happen until the last page and starts with the words:

In other words, either Walt Monegan, Alaska's former chief law enforcement officer, committed perjury. Or Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, committed perjury."




  1. A few days ago I started saying "who?" any time someone mentioned SP in my presence. I've enjooyed it a lot as have those around me, I am sure.

    And Laz, thanks for standing up about the "damaged baby" comment.

    Theodocious III

  2. She gets enough media exposure without my help, sir. Good to see you.