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The ACTING AG speaks up...

That's right, the acting Attorney General is expressing his opinion over the constitutionality of S.P.'s Lt. Governor appointment and slaps a big rubber stamp on it. Have I pointed out the Daniel Sullivan is STILL THE ACTING AG?

Acting. As in "has not been confirmed by the legislature yet, either" acting Attorney General. His opinion, until officially confirmed by the legislature frankly should carry about as much legal weight as yours and mine and in my opinion, by weighing in on this before he has been confirmed he has committed a gross error in judgment. The phrase "quasi-legal opinion without the benefit of a constitutionally mandated legislative confirmation hearing" comes immediately to mind.

Until he's officially confirmed, he doesn't and shouldn't have a horse in this race. Or have we forgotten so soon how Wayne Anthony Ross was recently shown the door? Remember how S.P. was already calling W.A.R. the Attorney General and how he actually had began to use official AG stationary BEFORE he was confirmed? S.P. is the queen of "cart before horse" behavior.

My red flags have gone up on this one and her appointment of Campbell to Lt. Governor. Schmidt refusing to serve is also fishy. Methinks something smells rotten in the state of Alaska! Methinks it smells of months old neocon fish wrapped in a week old neotheocon newspaper.

I'm posting this again because I don't think people of Alaska have awakened to the political ramifications of this succession problem... I hear people (on Shannyn and Method's radio shows today) poo-pooing and soft-pedaling this as something that doesn't rise to the level of a constitutional crisis, but if this isn't one I don't know what hell is. Meaning of course, it IS.


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