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You stay classy, Pat Buchanan...

Wow. Just wow. How do the Palins deal with Levi Johnston's big yap? According to wingnut Pat Buchanan, murder by drowning.

And everyone has a big laugh on Morning Joe. Har har har!

Yes I realize it's a joke and meant to be tongue in cheek but I also realize that, as is 99% of what Buchanan has to say, it is uncouth and in bad taste.



  1. Well, Laz, I have to say that I thought it was pretty funny because Levi does have them by the proverbial short hairs. My beliefs are 180 from Pat's, and I totally support Levi, but come on! You took it too personally. I think that if Levi was watching that, he would laugh and say, "Damn right! Be afraid. Be very afraid!"

  2. Nah. Didn't take it personally, I just feel Buchanan and the rest of the idiots on Morning Joe are a bunch of putzes. Of course not Olympic level putzes like the champion putzes on Fox. ;)


  3. Laz, yes, but do we want to over-react like the Palinistas did over Letterman? We need to pick and choose our battles wisely. This isn't worth the hot air. To tell you the truth, I took more as a slam against the Palins because they have totally lost control over Levi.

  4. I wrote and told the Morning Joe team that they all owed Levi an apology.

    Sorry but that is the way I feel. They didn't defend Letterman, they all agree he was over the line, and yet they laugh at the suggestion that Todd kill Levi.

    I also pointed out that I bet Levi had more class than Palin and that he wouldn't do television interviews and issue press releases about the comment, which the Palin's would have (and have) done.

    It was disturbing enough that this was said during the Morning Joe show, but Buchanan did a nice little repeat later while on Hardball with Chris Matthews.

    Imagine their reaction if someone had made the same comment directed at one of the Palins...the uproar would have been astounding.