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HOLY SH*T! WTF? Developing...

Where was I? I want to see some footage of the press conference! What a rambling, breathless trainwreck of a speech. She repeats the "costing the state MILLIONS!" (caps hers, not mine) lie not once but twice! And kneecaps bloggers clumsily calling our demand for transparency and accountability "political bloodsport". OMFG, Sarah? Really? Lil' ol' us? D.C. Beltway insiders are going to eat her for lunch if she ever decides to go national.

Celtic Diva and the Alaska bloggers go "ALL-IN" and Sarah FOLDS! Folds and leaves the building prior to the end of her term. WTF?

Hmmm. This explanation seems written by one of her rabid C4Per minions considering the grammar. More worrisome is her appointment of Lt. Gen. ( Alaska ) Craig E. Campbell, the adjutant general of the Alaska National Guard and commissioner of the Department of Military & Veterans Affairs to the position of Lt. Governor. Umm, what? Can she just appoint someone under Alaskan Law? And why this guy?

From the "paper of record" for most of Alaska that DOESN'T have a full time staff journalist posted to the state capitol comes this story, though it could be second hand considering their "boots on the ground status" or lack thereof as pertains to news out of Juneau. Here is the official press release from Juneau. The second page will be up for debate amongst historians.


Update -- the other inevitable shoe drops...

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell reports:
"Talking to people who are very close to Sarah Palin, I have been told that she has told her supporters that she is out of politics, period. She is fed up with politics. She doesn’t like her life. She feels like she has to raise her family. She’s sick of the commute from Wasilla to the capital and she really does not want to run for higher office. This is not the case where she is stepping down in order to figure the way for a presidential run. In fact, she has told some of her biggest backers in the national Republican Party that they are free to choose other candidates for 2012."
Normally I'm not a big fan of Politico but this is a good discussion from a wide variety of movers & shakers, thinkers & opinion makers.


The press conference:


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