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Memes are made to be flogged...

And believe it or not Governor Sarah Palin is one of the best (perhaps accidental) meme floggers in the entire universe, you betcha! ;) She's practically a meme dominatrix, by golly!

But I must say, in a Wayne Campbell/Garth Algar sort of way, Mel -- "we are not worthy!" -- excellent work!

No matter how many times reality proves otherwise and as pointed out by both the MSM and many local Alaskan bloggers including Mel, Governor Palin at every opportunity continues to proclaim to every media outlet that has a mic and a camera -- (breathlessly of course, because Sarah has to sex it up to SELL it to the Palin-bots) "This is costing the taxpayers of Alaska millions and millions of dollars for all these frivolous complaints!" 99% of the time this claim goes unquestioned and unchallenged undoubtedly lest Sarah go into fits of apoplexy on camera, delicate flower that she is.

Speaking strictly for myself and as a PROGRESSIVE Alaskan Republican I can say with certainty that her repeated claim, her flogged dead horse of a meme is absolutely 100% undiluted horseshit.

Palin supporter or not, conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat -- come one, come all -- take a deep breath, clear your mind for a moment, inhale, click the link that leads to Henkimaa above ("we are not worthy"), exhale, calmly read. Repeat as needed.

Thank You,

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