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(awakening from a trance state a whole harmonic convergence is revealed...)

Sarah is a governor in Naughty Monkey pumps. Mark is a (naughty) governor. They were both in Philly. Extrapolate from there.

I'm not implying, I'm jus' sayin'...


Updated 10PM:

And what was all this about? And THIS? Hmmm? IS Sarah one of the other women Mark Sanford may have "crossed the line with" while flirting? Hmmmm? Did Mrs. Sanford find out about any canoodling and laid the smack down on Sarah to resign or be outed? And WHY OH WHY July 26th, Sarah?


Updated 11PM

Okay. Am I the only one who finds it interesting that Governor Mark Sanford "was a congressman for six years, where he served on the International Relations Commit[t]ee... (sic)"? Is it nerdy that if find a spelling error in a Cato Institute web page almost just as interesting? Probably.


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