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UPDATED: Wearing the +3 Armor of Intellect, Humor and Grace, I wade in...

From my diary entry at Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis relating to this post (and the comments exchanged by my friends Linda and Maia towards the end):

*** UPDATE ***

Aw, dangit! Now Mom over at Diva's joint has gone and changed the original title of the diary post, kind of destroying the joke part that leads off my comment, so I am so glad I had the foresight to archive it by posting it here as well, in it's original form to preserve its dubious "artistic integrity". I in no way meant to imply there was any REAL fight between these two, because there isn't. It was a "plot device". I'm working on my outrageous Huffington Post-esque headline writing skill in hopes one day they offer me a job as one of their many hired smart-asses. Because doggone-it, I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and... well you know the rest. Lastly and again my gentle readers, it ain't jokes if'n I gotta 'splain 'em. Consider the start and end of the original post. Funny bread encompassing the serious MEAT in the middle. AmIrite, people?

*** UPDATE ***

"Breaking up a girl fight is dangerous work..."

Unless of course jello and a large kiddy pool is involved. I'm reluctant to get in the middle of this one, but please indulge me for a moment and allow me to give the perspective of a semi-disinterested, non-Democrat, third party.

Les Gara and Hollis French are my elected representatives in the downtown district. I do not know them personally though I have written them what I considered to be reasonable letters concerning the unsuitability of Wayne Anthony Ross to be AG. They both responded personally and professionally and we all know the rest of that story. For that I salute them. At least I didn't get a form letter (hello, Senator Begich! -- hello President Obama!). Yes they're busy. We're all busy. But actually listening TO and working FOR the will of your constituency is part of the job description.

However I am going to have to side with Linda on her point because I DO understand her point. Had the Alaska legislature FINISHED the job after the Branchflower investigation, we might not have had another year (give or take a few months) of "Self-serving Sarah" and her "PC tweets". It seems a shame that close to $100,000 dollars was spent by the bipartisan committee to hire a truly independent investigator to look into 'Troopergate' and nothing ever came of the findings. If there are no real consequences for wrongdoing, you only give them license to continue doing wrong. See her remaining career post-Branchflower report if you need further proof, Maia.

I don't imagine Linda is whacking Les personally, I think she is expressing her disappointment in the results, just as I am now. That said, I have nothing personal against any of the players in this psychodrama either. I also understand exactly what Les means. She did cause us to lose track of other more important issues because of her behavior, but again Les, had she been punished for abuse of power and unethical behavior following the Branchflower report, perhaps none of this circus would have happened in the first place. It's the old chicken vs. egg argument. It's a circular argument using circular logic. I for one want off this merry-go-round. All that remains now is an independent legal review of the dismissed ethics grievances, the completion of any further existing ones and ACTUAL punishment for any violations. Everyone do their jobs and finally let the karma catch up to the accountability.

We progressive Alaskan bloggers cannot continue to play this game if she, the bat(-shit crazy ex-governor) went home, no matter if we still have all the balls.


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