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Say goodbye, Mr. Beck...

The drive to push Glenn Beck off of national television continues with a total of 33 advertisers dropping support for his Fox New infotainment show. The drive, hardly a couple of weeks old, is being spearheaded by

It doesn't matter if he has one of the highest rated shows on Fox. No amount of ratings from crazy or racist viewers will support a television production if there are no advertisers. So, buh-bye, Glenn. And to those who scream "but you're limiting his free speech!" -- no, we're expressing ours by standing up to him and his hateful and often disingenuous rhetoric.



  1. Yep, free speech works in both directions.

  2. It's about time that reasonable people speak their mind and get some results!
    Now, if only we could do the same with the likes of Rush Limpballs and Sean Insanity and others, we might FINALLY start seeing common sense and decency infiltrate the US...

  3. Beck has given the world a good glimpse of what's in Palin's closet, too, also. -Alaskan Sisu