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For some greedheaded CEOs, stupidity is a pre-existing condition...

With thanks to all who lead me to this powerful video, including HuffPo and to my friend Karina:

The next time someone says "Americans don't want health care reform" or that it will "euthanize your parents" or that "it's socialist" or any of the other myriad excuses for callous inaction, you have my permission to pointedly look them square in the eye and calmly, with absolute assurance that you are on the right side of this issue, call them a LIAR. If it is your duly elected representative in government, no matter which party affiliation, it is not only your right it is your sacred duty to vote these scoundrels (tainted by campaign donations from the insurance industry and their lobbyists) COMPLETELY out of office. Show them that by opposing a rational plan of single payer public health care as an option available to all Americans, not just the uninsured, they are signing a death warrant on their own future political careers. Let them get a taste of what real world health care is REALLY like for a change by taking them off the taxpayer subsidized health care plan they presently enjoy and permanently remove them from office. Especially since it is highly unlikely they will ever do it themselves voluntarily.


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