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Hey John McCain! You don't like publicly funded health care then how about you introduce a bill suspending the full coverage care you and the rest of your legislative buddies get FOR FREE? Well not exactly free since we taxpaying Americans get to pay for it.

I used to like John McCain. Until he sold his soul to the neocons. What a pompous ass. I suppose if he did grow a pair and put up or shut up on his own free benefits, his biggest problem would be deciding which one of his 8 houses to send the bill. Or is it 9? Or 11 houses? Either way that's at least 8 more houses than I'll ever have a hope of owning in my lifetime.

Oh and by the way... you mean the failure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which you helped to deregulate starting back in the Regan years and continued to push along the legislation with your class-war mongering buddy Phil Gramm in the first place? You mean the first wave of what caused our current recession thanks to asshats like you and Chris Dodd? That's right Dems, plenty of blame to spread around on both sides.

But seriously Senator -- WTF? Are all you D. C. Beltway idiots on LSD or something? Do you think WE ARE? What the fuck is wrong with you?



  1. Lazazhat, They have completely lost their minds--McCain, Baucus, Nelson, the other conservadems and republicans. The republicans never had their minds because they never had a plan for h-c reform or anything else except a plan to sabotage Obama's programs. Some of the dems lost theirs because they let themselves get suckered in by the republicans on their committees. If you see a snake and know it will bite you and then decide to step right into its' path, you expect to get bitten, so why expect the snake to change it's habit? I've never held a government position in my life, but if I were a politician who knew my colleagues were snakes, I'd do what needed to be done and forget about them.

  2. "Blue Jackals" (because calling them dogs is an insult to dogs) and many GOPers are in it up to their eyeballs in campaign donations from private insurers and their lobbying groups. Fascism wins again!


  3. I think someone should do a study on how many of these obstructionist politicians could even QUALIFY for the private healthcare they claim is so readily available to us average Amercians.

    You can bet your bippy, McInsane-- the ELDERLY CANCER SURVIVOR-- sure as shite wouldn't! Yeah, yeah, I know he'd technically qualify for Medicaid now, but that f-er has had his face in the public trough for his entire life, yet he doesn't think OTHER people should get the same benefits.

  4. I prefer to think of them as "blue hemmorhoids." Hemmorhoids have no function whatsoever except to be a pain in the a$$.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. (bowing repeatedly)

  5. I think they should have to take whatever insurance for their self and their families that they think is good enough for us.

  6. "Hands off my Govenment health care that I have had since I was a child when my father was in the military and that I have now in congress."


  7. Not that I don't agree with you that McCain is a hypocritical dick, because I absolutely do. However his health care is not completely free to him.

    As a member of congress, he is covered under the FEHBP (Federal Employee Health Benefits Program) as are all Federal employees. I used to be one of the latter, so I can tell you that this plan is similar to what is offered in many private sector companies where employees choose among various private plans offered by various health insurance companies. That's how the FEHBP works. It is not "free" to employees.

    Federal employees pay premiums, they pay deductibles, and they pay for whatever their plan doesn't cover (for example, I have BC/BS and it covers only a fraction of my dental bills. I also have racked up many bills recently for cancer surgery and treatment and I've had to reimburse over $2,000.00 to my health care providers for what BC/BS didn't cover).

    So while Federal employees' employer, the Federal government, subsidizes the coverage (and doesn't allow companies who participate to pull stunts like turn down coverage for employees wih pre-existing conditions), it is not free to employees, and the amount of coverage depends on what plan you select and how large of a premium you pay.

    There is a widespread misconception about this system, so I wanted to set the record straight.

    It is still a pretty good deal compared to what many people have, and it is one of the reasons I went to work for the Federal government many years ago. But the premiums have most certainly taken a bite out of my paycheck, and an even bigger bite now I'm retired.

    But I'm still grateful to have it and I think all Americans should have the opportunity to be in this system at the very least, or something similar, since it doesn't look as if single payer will happen in my particular lifetime.

    I do think McCain and his ilk take the FEHBP for granted because they are so utterly unfamiliar with how so many people without their many privileges are forced to struggle. With his wife's money, McCain can afford the best gold-plated private plan anyway -- he doesn't even NEED the FEHBP! But so many people do.

  8. Thank you last Anon, let's just call you L. ;)

    Okay then, subsidized. But in large part with little or no fear of being turned down for pre-existing conditions, perhaps? Point is it is 100% better than what people like me have right now which is NOTHING. So sign me up and 52 million of my closest friends and we'll all back off. ;)


    P.S. - 'grats on kicking cancer's ass. =)