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Who doesn't love Weiner?

The congressman from New York... get your mind out of the gutter! He lays the smack down on the naysayers and obstructionists standing in the way of health care reform and gives them the opportunity to have an up or down vote on a publicly administered health care program already in place, namely Medicare and Medicaid:

The result? No one voted "Yes" to dissolve the programs. Not one "Blue Jackal" nor a single GOP member. Zero. Zilch. You know -- the guys who mostly call a new push for a public option and/or a single payer system of health care "Obamacare" and "Socialism" -- the guys who repeatedly and loudly swear on right-wing talk radio shows and wing-nut television that any new plan would be "euthanasia for old people" and by doing so scare the hell out our senior citizens. So now, since they didn't "put up", isn't it long past time for them to "shut up"?

What is left unsaid is this question -- if it indeed works so well, why not change the programs NOW, expanding them to cover all uninsured Americans?



  1. makes me think that perhaps there isn't an American who does not want some sort of gov't health care.

  2. Makes me think they bitch and moan and complain and lie that reform will "euthanize the elderly" then when it comes down to proving they mean what they say about hating "socialized medicine" they weasel out of killing it off. Because they know their constituents back home would tear them apart like rabid wolves if the even think about touching Medicare and Medicaid, two government run programs that mostly work... or at least are better than nothing at all.

    Also makes me think that if those who oppose a real public option/single payer plan don't have any ideas or some way to make things better, they ought to sit down and STFU. Either you're part of the solution or you're part of the problem. America needs more solutions and less problems right about now.