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Bail harder!

According to news reports, some companies can't abandon the crazysauce Glenn Beck is pusing lately on his show fast enough. Today alone he went on a rant comparing the Democratic party to Nazis and then wept when talking about his "special needs child". Another neocon using his child as a prop. Not surprising in the least and no indeed, you can't make this shit up.

Joining the list of sponsors dropping support of Beck are:, Procter & Gamble, Progressive, S.C. Johnson, GEICO, Men's Wearhouse and as of today, Sargento. Unfortunately some of them may still be paying for ads on FOX in other time slots and thus why I say "bail harder!" -- anyone who continues to support FOX NEWS (parent company News Corp.) or any Rupert Murdoch owned company should be boycotted. Period. Murdoch has taken any reasoned dialog about politics totally out of the equation by subtle media manipulation or by promoting outright lies and falsehoods. He continues to do so each and every day. So it is time to send him packing. Hurt him where he'll feel it the most. Kick Murdoch and News Corp. right smack dab in his bottom line.

Companies still supporting Beck include: General Electric, Farmers Insurance, Office Depot, Nestlé (Gerber), Red Lobster, State Farm, Travelocity, the U.S. Postal Service, Walmart and Wyeth. GE? Really, GE? Are you still paying for ads on Bill O'Reily's program as he lies about you, too? How much of an idiot do you have to be to keep paying for lies? How much of an idiot do WE have to be to keep buying goods and services from these companies as they continue their support for the Murdoch media circus?

Source material for this post is from this article on Raw Story and the site spearheading the movement to shut down Beck and hopefully the rest of Fox News is -- please join this fight now before it is too late. I have an idea that most Americans may not realize we have the means to set aright many, many injustices simply by refusing to support the perpetrators of lies and misinformation -- by hitting them right square in their pocketbook or wallet. Stop the madness. Stop giving away your hard earned dollars to bigots and the supporters of bigots. NOW. TODAY. AT THIS VERY MOMENT! In the long run America will be a better place for it.


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