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Lies, Damn Lies and Palinbot Idiots?

Gryphen at Immoral Minority is under full assault and wingnut bombardment all because he chose to report that a reliable and confidential source informed him that the Palin's may "split up" or was it "splits-ville". No matter really. You buys your ticket, you takes your chances. However -- a blog leading the charge to stir up the base of haters is driving all sorts of vile creatures to his blog to say all sorts of unspeakable and might I add, UNFOUNDED things.

Normally I wouldn't waste precious time cruising the websites of mindless Palinistas and Palinbots, but I happened upon one site that was easy to recognize as one of the main sources driving the pitchforked masses (probably all of a dozen of them posting under different aliases in reality) to his site. I will not list it. I'm of the opinion that to pay any attention to them or drive clicks towards them only encourages further foolishness. I also don't provide a link back to their allegedly "viral" video on youtube because that also encourages their continued stupidity and copyright violation. To link to it is to encourage it on the web, so better to let it wither on the vine, as it were. Of course I'm not IN the viral video so it doesn't effect me personally but as a word of advice, do NOT post links to stupidity. The video is so wrong and SO amateurish as to be absolutely laughable. Only an uninformed non-Alaskan idiot would believe all the inferences within it, so in a nutshell, safe surfing campers. To click on wrong links is to encourage them. To post them is to encourage "viral-ness" and legitimacy. In my book they have realized neither. My bullshit filter as a progressive Republican is impenetrable. I can see bullshit from miles and miles -- perhaps even thousands of miles away. Consider the following quote from said website about how "Obama's Alaskan Bloggers" (more bullshit) are "on the run" because of their attacks:

"Of course, as always, Sarah herself put this stupidity to bed with this fantastic quote:

"Divorce Todd? Have you SEEN Todd? I may be just a renegade hockey mom, but I’m not blind!" __Sarah Palin"

This quote purports to be from Sarah herself yet let's take a look at that twitter page, shall we? There it is above. Nope. No Sarah here. So once again it is both a hoax and a lie. It is pure rabid propaganda and allows me, the discriminating surfer to ignore them just like I always do. They have nothing positive to add to any reasonable and intelligent discussion of our ex-governor and her alleged sins against the citizens of this state while in office, so why must we continue to give them any sense of importance whatsoever? They have their own reasons for supporting this "G. W. Bush with boobs neocon in training" that we Alaskans know as "Governor Quitterface" or "Governor I never met a political appointment I didn't quit for no damn good reason" or "Governor Half-measures" -- and it is time for us, as Alaskans and progressives to nip it -- NIP IT IN THE BUD by showing the rest of America just exactly how full of bullshit these idiots really are.

Sarah quit. Move along now. Nothing to see here except for holding her accountable for the two, and possibly most troublesome remaining ethics complaints. Focus, Alaskan's -- FOCUS. Soon she will be these idiots demagog and and their problem, not ours. Through our blogs, Alaskan progressive bloggers have repeatedly and consistently presented what we have come to see as Sarah's lies and half-truths, shown them the shaky and possibly forged accountability documents, proven she hasn't spent a dime to defend herself because of an existing illegal "legal defense fund" that breaks Alaskan laws and acts as slush fund (according to their own damn charter) by paying everything for her, pointed out her difficulties with FEDERAL authorities by not declaring gifts or paying taxes for same in a federally mandated timely manner, shown that the fix is in with an executive branch "independent" investigator acting on behalf of a personnel review board appointed by the governor which pretends to be investigating one of their own while they were ultimately getting their paychecks signed by Sarah as HEAD of the very same executive branch, -- hell we could have Sarah herself, under truth serum, admit to all the alleged sins and lies in person and in front of them ALL and they STILL wouldn't believe it.

Sometimes the only intellectual reasoning that works with mindless zombies is a swift whack upside their skulls with the SHOVEL OF TRUTH. It is well past time we let them all become yet another minor footnote in the annals of political and social history. Just like our quitting governor, whose only political future may be manifest as a spokes-model for FOX NEWS or as a regional fundrasier where she can travel the country, merrily bankrupting the neocon led RNC while wrecking temporary political havoc and inciting incidental, hate fueled violence along the way. That path leads to their own implosion, as they have demonstrated time and time again. As they demonstrated last fall with the losing McCain/Palin ticket.

Exibit 1 shown above reveals the true nature of their bat-shit crazy asshattery and utter, hopeless desperation. They don't need any help from us to look ridiculous. We can either continue to allow all this craziness long after Sarah has left the field of play with her bat(-shit crazy ideology and agenda) or we can trump her by taking all our BALLS and going home first. Stick to the facts, progressive Alaskan bloggers. Refuse to roll around in the mud with these pigs. In the long run, HISTORY will reveal the true winners -- Alaska and the long-suffering citizens who will finally be rid of her and her zombie followers. Meanwhile, Sarah and her minions will be found laughing all the way to the bank, as grifters, snake-oil sellers and charlatans often do, profiting from all the publicity they enjoy while they spread more and more stupidity, suffering and woe to all as they "progress". Frankly, at this point in time and when it's all over, it will have seemed a small price to pay for finally having her out of ALL our (Alaskan) lives.



  1. With regard to the rumors swirling about Sarah Palin and her recent dinner at Manhatten's swanky Michaels restaurant, I thought you might like this little dittie:

    (sung to the Billy Joel song “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant”)

    A bottle of white, and Palin’s still wed
    But if looks could kill Todd would be stone dead
    They’re at a table near the street
    In that fancy New York place
    Stifled cries – face to face hm, hm
    A bottle of red, a mouthful of spite
    They’re at Michaels in Manhattan tonight
    SarahPAC money she will flaunt
    In that elitist restaurant.

    (musical interlude)

    It’s not okay with she these days
    She don’t have a job, no elective office
    Might be an ex-wife, needs a new life
    Can she use a life line?

    Oh, she lost touch long ago
    Shoveling hate, just like snow
    But she paid a hefty price while on the state dime.

    Does she remember those days of Arctic Cat and snow-machines?
    Red leather boots, leather jackets and tight blue jeans
    Oh, and all those lines that she tossed about unwed pregnant teens
    Big tears, loud fights, Bristol’s romantic teenage nights ooh, ooh

    (musical interlude)

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…
    Sarah and First Dude forced down all of that good food
    Like the great dad and the hockey mom
    Smiles all around, winking eyes so brown, putting a good show on
    Good looking state forty-niners
    Far more accustomed to Wasilla diners
    They never knew we could sense all their trouble and strife
    But it was evident Palins don’t know a spoon from a knife.
    Oh, oh, oh, oh…

    Sarah and First Dude are tricky and so shrewd that’s how they learned to survive
    But where was her husband when she quit on the third of July?
    Everyone knows Sarah’s crazy
    Todd hasn’t a job because he’s lazy
    And Sarah is now enchanted by big city life
    Oh, we remember wavin’ ole Sarah Palin goodbye
    Oh, oh, oh

    Well she’ll get an apartment with wolf-hide carpet
    So long as her neighbors aren’t queer
    She might dye red, that beehive on her head
    Or buy a new wig down at Sears
    The Big Apple she’ll bite with her friends that are white
    But she’ll never escape all the jeers
    Oh, oh yeah lock and load
    Oh, oh, oh

    (musical interlude)

    Well, she’ll live for a while the elitist lifestyle
    But soon it will come to an end
    Just like her divorce it will happen, of course
    Then she’ll call on her SarahPAC friends
    You see, the Wasilla queen will be lacking in green
    So she will rob her supporters again
    Oh, oh

    Sarah’s unsteady, we knew it already when she sported that slutty beehive
    From her highs to her lows and her fake Sixpack Joes
    She could never survive
    She likes to shout cheers from the bleachers
    When she’s not being blessed by witchcraft preachers
    And Todd’s still tryin’ to put a bullet in Levi
    And here we are wavin’ Sarah and First Dude goodbye
    Oh, oh, oh
    Oh, oh, oh
    Oh, oh, oh

    A bottle of red, a mouthful of spite
    She will choke on her food here tonight
    She’ll order anything she wants
    At Michael’s New York restaurant.

  2. Too funny. That supposed "quote" from Sarah sounds like a 15-yr-old high school girl talkin' about her awesome BF! Pathetic.