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*** UPDATED ***The REAL Neocon GOP (and now LaRouche) Strategy...

I've said it before so it bears repeating, the true neocon GOP/birther/deather/obstructionist strategy all along has been taken directly out the NASDP (Nazi) playbook. They are not "the loyal opposition". They are a thing that history tells us should be so abhorrent that it's amazing we even tolerate their continued antics. Worse still is all the play their antics get them in the main stream media. Perhaps even worse than that is the idea that Fox News is even considered by many to be part of the MSM when in fact most of us know them to be a partisan propaganda machine colluding with asshats, promoting their asshattery.

Their time is over. Time for progressives to work hard to refocus the majority of America back on the issues and on working to heal this country, both figuratively AND literally.

This article at Salon by Andrew Leonard appears to agree.

*** UPDATED ***

Our friend Max Blumenthal adds more by tracing perhaps the original source of this horrid meme to supporters of Lyndon LaRouche.

*** UPDATED ***


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