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UPDATED: From 0 to Meme in 24hrs Flat...

From her lips to the mob's ears.

Sarah Palin's LIE about DEATH PANELS has spread like wildfire.

Ben Armbruster at Think Progress reports:

"People in attendance have displayed signs comparing President Obama to Hitler and one man even yelled at Dingell, saying “your healthcare plan is going to take healthcare away from my son and kill him!” When Dingell said it wouldn’t, the man repeatedly shouted “liar!”..."

Behold the power of the mighty FOX NEWS propaganda machine. It is well past time we all work together to SHUT FOX NEWS DOWN. It is time to drive Rupert Murdoch off like his own people, the Australians once did because of his pro-Republic, anti-Monarch views? Most people in Australia didn't want to be a Republic. They liked being part of the British Commonwealth and chose to stay loyal to the Queen. So be it! After all it is their country and they all voted for it. Most Canadians are pretty fond of the Queen, as well. They voted, too. So be it!

Australia passed laws that forced Murdoch to divest himself of some of his Australian media monopoly holdings. The ultimate outcome of which was for him to take the vast fortune he had amassed there and turn his attention and money elsewhere. To Europe and America. Where he now monopolizes media amassing collections of radio, television and newspaper outlets both locally and nationally. For those he does not own outright he offers his broadcasts to those willing to "plop down the dime" to pay for his allegedly popular and highly rated programming. Whichever the source, each acts like a clearing house for any and all types of outrageous and salacious lie -- pumped out loudly and repeatedly, 24/7/365, amplified through the megaphone that is FOX NEWS. Have we reached the moment where we must ask "Mr. Murdoch, have you no decency, sir?", yet?

Time to shut him down, people. Pile him into the neocon clown car with the rest of his ilk and let himself be driven off into the sunset. If you watch FOX NEWS, stop watching. If you listen to FOX Radio, stop listening. If you read FOX papers, stop reading. If you link to FOX content on the web... well you get the idea. It is well past time for all of us to shut down the hate from the far-right liars and irrationalists. By not promoting their foolishness directly we can all act to strangle the beast, to once and for all time kill his megaphone. Then perhaps the rest of us can get back to reporting on facts and hopefully practicing due diligence in journalism. Back to the what some may consider the sacred responsibility of being the 'Fourth Estate', riding shotgun for the people, looking out for ALL of our best interests . Mmmm-kay?

I have an idea that the majority of Americans are secretly moderates with progressive tendencies. We like our news, not from the radical left, nor from the radical right. We mostly like the status quo. We want it straight down the middle. Truly fair and balanced. Not the mosnter abomination of FOX NEWS "fair and balanced". Not some abberation of a slogan being used as yet another sharp and ably wielded propaganda tool by Murdoch.

As humans our progressive side should be manifest when we see some sort of injustice, any form of injustice inflicted upon our fellow beings. If that alone is not enough to motivate us all to compassionately act when we see any injustice, the TRUE injustices plural, then I say you are no longer human. You have become a monster... which takes us all right back around to Palin, and the lie Murdoch helped spread 'round the world.

*** UPDATED ***

In case I was not clear enough with the 4am thinking, the idea is to strangle FOX NEWS by not linking to their stuff, not promoting them at all or otherwise. If you absolutely MUST, watch and then please, OMFG pretty please -- boycott all their advertisers. Beck has lost at least four advertisers for his wanking off and jizzing nothing but impotent crazysauce in the last 48 hours. Seriously. These folks are nothing less than grief machines and they need all of us to switch them the fuck off. Prove they are not worthy of attention or that any attention they do recieve is negative.

The entire network is a house of cards waiting for a pokey finger of truth to topple it. WE are that finger. Extrapolate from there. Progressives are the REAL fuel behind this fire. We fully realize the lies behind their base and failed sloganeering of "fair and balanced" because in your heart you already know, no bullshit, it is a motherfucking lie. We fully realize their blurring of the lines between entertainment and news and reject both from them. FOX news is not worthy of the majority's attention. We are the shield that blunts the attack. We are the double edged sword that cuts them off from the mainstream. It's about time we awaken. We are pissed off that education has been shuffled to the back burner of American society. We are pissed off at the dumbing down of America. We are full of the righteous fury of HOPE to CHANGE America, to make it a better place for ALL of us regardless of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation or even party affiliation and we will lead the way, rebuilding our way as we go from the wreckage left to us by insolent and asinine neocons.

That said, crooks and liars has another pertinent link. But please do, if you can, refuse to click on the video link to FOX. It's the words of the post that are the most powerful so we must not let FOX distract us from the task at hand. Their hype about being the most popular is as played out as the rest of their bullshit. Get into the clown car, Rupert. Time to move along.

*** UPDATE ***



  1. SoCalWolfGal8/11/2009 12:24 PM

    Laz, I have said before that I think it is time we all start bombarding the FCC on this, since obviously the GOP isn't going to do anything. I am sick of this woman and and her scare tactics, which if allowed to continue to escalate is going to get somebody killed. Her little "civil discourse" memo to her followers were obviously overlooked.

  2. nothing like that 4am clarity!....hasn't Murdocjh also purchased exemptions to our laws about how much media can be owned in a given geographic area?
    the only Faux Noise I have to endure is during Shannyn's show on Sat nights...