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This will be a short post. Well, short by my standards. I don't know anything about the Palin's allegedly divorcing or "splitting up" as published at The Immoral Minority or the Alaska Report. I have no sources nor any information related to the rumors so I have no opinion and I'm going to side with what Shannyn says at Just A Girl From Homer. I too went through a divorce and think we should just leave it alone. Whether it's true or not, it seems salacious to report, no matter the sources. At this point the less publicity for Palin, negative or otherwise, the better. It is just more wasted space and wasted time, in my opinion. I know! "What?!? Laz being serious? WTF???"...

Better to focus on finishing up any remaining ethics complaints and meteing out punishment for any violations. Or other things like the the problems with HSS and the Federal freeze on allowing new patients into the state medicare/medicaid system owing to neglect and mismanagement during the Palin administration (my friends at Access Alaska are on top of that one). Or maybe the upcoming challenges of a special legislative session. No offence meant to Gryphen or Dennis, but the way I see it, any time spent on Palin other than for real, actual events is pure progressive Alaskan blogger onanism. Look it up if you MUST. I'll wait until after you get done going "eeeew yuk" to yourself. ;)

If their sources prove correct then good on them for getting the scoop, if ultimately false they risk losing any credibility whatsoever from that point forward. It's not a risk I'm willing to take because I know nothing other than what I've read from their sites, as linked above.

However allow me to make one final point, and one that I do find most curious. It is the response from "TeamSarah" itself and the credibility of THEIR press releases and where they chose to release them. The initial denial came from Meg "The Mouth" Stapleton on facebook. Yes, facebook. Not exactly the last bation of journalistic integrity and credibility. It's a social networking site, people. So that's pretty strange. Somehow seems like she was just "whipping up the base" of already rabid Palin supporters with that move. And they ARE whipped up. From the snippets I've read on pro-Palin websites today, most of them are calling for Gryphen and Dennis' heads on plates. A followup denial story came later from The New York Post, automatically disbarred from credibility owing to the fact that it is owned by Rupert Murdoc. Yes, THAT Rupert Murdoc. The man who will lets his news outlets say virtually anything and everything whether it's true or not. Even outlandish and unprovable hate speech from the likes of dunderheads like Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reily. In both cases none of the other issues raised by Gryphen on his site are even addressed, a fact that I find interesting and as I said, curious. But that doesn't mean I automatically agree with two of my fellow Alaskan progressive bloggers and their sources. In fact, now that the cat is out of the bag, as it were, I have an idea that even if it were eventually proven to be true, the Palins now have an incentive to stick it out and stay together just out of sheer spite.



  1. "the Palins now have an incentive to stick it out and stay together just out of sheer spite."
    They may. Because of the way this story has been unfolding nothing would surprise me. You couldn't make this stuff up and have anyone believe it. That is what keeps it interesting.

  2. I feel about their marital problems the same way I feel about Bristol's unwed pregnancies. It would be none of my business, were it not for the fact that Sarah did everything possible to set herself up as a standard for Real Americanishnessism and Family Values. Since I am, as a liberal professional woman with a career and two adult children and a marriage going on 33 years now, clearly NOT a Real American, I figure I'm allowed to laugh my ass off at her.

    And I do.

  3. JaM, actually you COULD make it up and I have when being bombastic and outrageous about fantasy scenarios, as I have here, long before Maureen Dowd got (or stole ;)) the idea. But mine and hers are OBVIOUSLY made up scenarios for the sake of humor. So I'm just hoping Gryph and Den are right otherwise much if not all of the right will see them as agent provocateurs rather than credible sources of information. Some on the left may too if they prove wrong... see them as merely poking the "Mama Grizzly" for the sake of poking itself.

    Ivy, yeah mostly I'm over it. There are more important things to pay attention to rather than any attention grabbing publicity b.s... though earlier today I said if the divorce rumor proves true, it's all over for the GOP to claim moral superiority... they loose the "ownership" of the phrase "family values" now and forever.