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*** UPDATED *** It's good to have friends...

Celtic Diva is an old friend who has put up with me for many years. I like the fact that her blog allows community input so I often post there to reach a wider audience than my little blog. I have recently posted some ideas about the current health care debate and updated it with new links to possible alternatives to the steamy pile of crap that in my opinion H.R.3200 has now become due to undue influence and industry lobbyists. Please take a moment to jump over there and check it out. You can comment there and add to the debate if you take a moment to register or please feel free to comment about it here if you wish. Thanks.

*** UPDATE ***
I have added links to S.391/H.R.1321 (Ron Wyden's (D-OR) "Healthy American Act") in the comments section below the original posting over at Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis. I respectfully ask that all please take a moment to either visit Blue Oasis for those links or Ron Wyden's website, OR -- if you're "super-wonky" like me, follow the links at Blue Oasis or at Thomas (search for the bill names, S.391/H.R.1321) for .PDF versions of that bill. The easiest way though is to follow the links over at Linda's place, Blue Oasis. Also please stay involved by continuing to put the pressure on our elected representatives. Our voices do still count! Thank you.
*** UPDATE ***



  1. Thought I would visit your blog. I enjoyed your post. My brain has melted reading 3200. It will be interesting to see what happens after the Senate returns to session. It cracks me up to hear people talking about the bill as if someone were working it while Congress was in recess. I wonder if Senator Murkowski got around to reading it.

    I talked to someone from the younger generation, and this person said that she and her friends were grateful for the input from their parents generation. They just don't understand, but sense that this is very important.

    I am in my forties, and feel that I spent a lot of years reading and thinking when I should have been doing. That is what motivates me to try and make up for lost time. If I don't ever use what my brain has absorbed, then to what purpose was my efforts?

  2. I'm the roughly the same age electrolass and tend to get pretty emotional about the issue of health care reform due to my own bad health and the urgent need for further treatment following dual cancer surgeries that resulted in reoccurring post-operative infection problems. They have effected me for almost a decade now, cropping up as surgical debris finds a new place to settle, irritate and infect.

    I need something, anything to get me in a position where I can afford to see a doctor, first to treat the infection (lately quite bad and painful) then to deal with the causes of it. So that's my motivation and passion for wanting to keep up the pressure with my local elected representatives.

    Thanks for your input and keep fighting the good fight, not just for me but for the benefit of ALL Americans who need decent, affordable health care.

    As I say over at Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis:

    Sixty years of debate is enough already! People's lives depend upon it. Failure to provide something reasonable is unconstitutional. Yes I said it. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights. By Washington continuing to play dice with our right to universal health care, we allow them to deny our inalienable rights. And that's just un-American.