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Sarah Palin, serial QUITTER, serial LIAR!

She was for it before she was against it (again...) and then she backed off for a bit while still twisting the knife of her shortsighted world view by reinforcing how she was really FOR IT all along because of her poor reading skills? More likely it's just Sarah being Sarah again -- the sharp tongued propaganda tool of her rapidly diminishing base in the Republican Party as she shills for her supper from her neocon masters. Lying like the lying lapdog she continues to prove herself to be. Lying like a pitbull festooned in clown-like bright blood red slutty smeared liar mouth lipstick.

Sister-girl you're just 18 shades of bat-shit crazy! Thanks for adding another shade to the obvious and unvarnished deviousness and blatant dishonesty you bring to the table of political discourse. By now it should be apparent that Sarah Palin is possibly both ready and willing to say just about anything and everything in her new quest for fame and fortune and she doesn't care who she has to crawl over to get to the top of the liar heap.

You know the story already from oh so many online sites, now -- (dusting off the ol' Charelton Heston doing Moses voice) BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE INTARNETS! An archive of the text of the actual proclaimation she signed back in April of 2008, called "Healthcare Decisions Day".

I mean really. Seriously. At this point it seems her ideas are so toxic that even Murdoch is seeming to keep her at arm's length. What's wrong Sarah and Meg (the the latter probably being the REAL author of any facebook "press releases"), Murdoch owned MySpace not CREDIBLE enough for you and your important "press releases"? The so-called Palin Juggernaught -- her mighty political machine has now been reduced to posting "press releases" on facebook to get her opinion out there? Really?

I'm not providing links to any of her crap. Fuck it! Let her peddle her special brand of crazysauce elsewhere. She gets enough publicity for her idiocy already. Consider this blog entry and any begrudged mention whatsoever of her or her continued bullshit as one merely for archival and historical purposes.



  1. You are a bit crude with your description, but see how well her hate talk works. She brings it out on both sides. The difference is though she brings calls of violence from her supporters to whomever she lashes out at. Why do you think Levi has body guards? He knows so much and the Palins and her kind are so vindictive his life is in danger. So far she has publicly lashed out at about thirty people that I can think of. Cross $arah watch your back.

  2. WakeUpAmerica8/14/2009 6:18 AM

    Well, that was succinct, Laz. Good job!!

  3. Hey good for you for NOT linking to her crap. I think everyone is giving her power by paying attention to her. I mean who is she? She is a nobody. She quit her job and she just a nobody now writing a book. Big deal. Does she really deserve all the media attention? If we all stop talking about her so much, who knows what will happen.

    I am furious too, trust me on that one. I can't stand her-I think she is dangerous and a very harmful influence for our country. We have to stop giving her power though.....I will not read her blog as an example-she isn't writing it anyhow......she's TOXIC AND SICK and scary.......

  4. The important question is who is using Palin?
    She does not come up with these ideas on her own and obviously didn't write them.

    So, who is behind Palin and using her "popularity" to spread the hate and lies?
    is it Fox news trying to jump start her career? Or is it the the drug and insurance companies, and she is making lots of money schilling for them?
    It was only a matter of time before her true self was exposed. She was never a reformer. She is unethical, lies, cheats(by having others write her face book crap without giving credit) and delusional.

    Who is behind this????