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Unintended Side Benefit of Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Win...

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win is helping to make the heads of partisan political hacks pundits explode. Too funny. Obama has already done more concerning nuclear non-proliferation within his first year of office than Bush did in his entire eight years COMBINED. In fact Bush was going the opposite direction by proposing to deploy a controversial 'missile shield' in eastern Europe, much to the chagrin of our supposed ally, Russia. There's your reason for why Obama won, neocons -- but your vision is too clouded with the haze of partisan political hackery like the example of CBS' Chip Reid cited above to see it.


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  1. And he has been successful in getting the Iranians and the North Koreans to sit down with us to discuss nuclear proliferation, something GW Bush couldn't/wouldn't do. The entire world knows that mutual respect and cooperation works. I frequent many web sites where people from foreign nations post comments. They were very afraid that Bushco would start WWIII, and they have a much more intimate memory of wars fought in their countries than we have in America. We've always fought, for most of our history, on foreign soil, and IMHO, this can make a huge difference in the way one views the world.