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Reasons Why The Public Option Failed in Finance Committee...

This artice at True/Slant gives us a glimpse into the true reason why Baucus and the so called 'Gang of Six' helped to kill the public option in the Senate Finance Committee. More than $19 Million reasons in fact and this is only four or five politicians, all listed are Democrats. There is blood money and bribes (aka 'campaign contributions) on both sides of the aisle, so neither party is blameless. Imagine if we tallied up all the lobby dollars donated to campaign funds to defeat this issue? I'd estimate that we are approaching something like $300-500 Million poured into the campaign war chests of everyone in the house and senate by private insurers, big pharma and other for profit medical enterprises to shore up their industry's muderous profits. So yes, a whole damn lot of money (much of it taken as profits made from the premiums paid to them by their clients) is being paid out to insure that these companies retain their profit margins and in the meantime uninsured Americans continue to die at the rate of over 44,000 people a year.

Even though as a Buddhist I don't really believe in the concept of souls or hell I think you can clearly understand me and where I'm coming from when I say I hope that the souls of these 44,000 lost Americans torment these motherfucking sellout bastards forever after they all wind up in hell. I personally vow to vote against and refuse to support any senator or congressman who works against health care reform and health insurance reform. Join me next election in spirit as you enter the voting booth -- vote your conscience against those that don't have one.


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  1. I'm with ya Laz. Fortunately my two Senators & Reps are firmly on the side of the Public Option. I keep calling and emailing them, thanking them for their strong support. Great post!