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Things Are Tough All Over...

Okay. This has got to be a joke, right? I doubt that Palin has ever even heard of LinkedIn, let alone personally know how to sign up for one of their accounts or post he resume there! But I will say in all honesty, if she really needs the work I could seriously use a housekeeper. Seriously. I realize she may be vastly overqualified for the position (or perhaps not if we are to believe Levi Johnson's Vanity Fair account of behind the scenes life within the Palin household) but I'd be willing to pay her $250 for a day and provide her with the HAZMAT suit she'll most likely need to come over and clean my little four room apartment. Standing offer Sarah. Call me!



  1. SoCalWolfGal10/19/2009 2:28 PM

    Oh Laz, you are too, too funny! I guess those big time speaking engagements just are rolling in as fast as she thought. LOL.

  2. Sadly she has not responded to my ad for housekeeping work. Only one day, not like a regular thing. Unless she was really, really good at it and then you know maybe have her stop by for a day every other week and "spruce up the joint".