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Episode 1: Overheard on Facebook

Shannon Moore:

Oh, to be against the war and then for it...a fancy pair of flip flops...

Maddison Bradshaw replies re: Ex Gov 2rd runner up, SP:

"For so many reasons, can someone just make her go away, just have her evaporate or something?"

Then tell Rupert Murdoch to stop paying her. He owns Harper, her publisher. Don't buy her book. Boycott anything Newscorp. All things Murdoch. Tell the interloping carpetbagger addios. Go peddle your snakeoil elsewhere. Sarah's rumored 'concern' over investing in gold  coincides with the previous day's Glenn Beck Show. Beck has lost a total of 80 advertisers since originally calling Obama a racist. Two out of three of his remaining major advertisers are in the -- surprise! -- gold and gold speculation markets. Sarah is so transparent I can see Russia through her from here. Cut off the $ supply through the advertisers, and not just Beck's circus freak sideshow but ALL of Fox News and you cut off their oxygen. [Yes even Harper. Then sadly we can all say goodbye to Idaho's favorite daughter Sarah, as we realists here in Alaska have already disowned her.] End of story.


  1. honestyinGov10/08/2009 9:31 PM

    Thanks for the little 'tip ' about the gold speculator advertizers.And these are the same people who ponzi-scheme, " now jailbird " Stanford used to do business with. She ' pals around with ' some shady people'.These are the people they choose to be around and do business with. their choice.
    BTW :The new colors are softer and much easier on the eyes. Good choice.

  2. Thanks... going into winter in Alaska is a little on the dark side so I changed colors a bit on the blog to be more golden and light. Often times on facebook I see pictures of people from webcams and the light from their screen is cold and blue or green. Hopefully the golden ones here will make them appear 'healthier', a little sunnier if they choose to take a picture while reading my blog. ;)