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The Beck Boycott Goes Worldwide...

A total of sixty-two advertisers have now dropped support for Glenn Beck on Fox. The latest is a UK grocery chain. Instead of the boycotters petering out in force or ferocity, the supermarket Waitrose has doubled down! They have pulled ALL ads from Fox, not just Beck's daily infotainment hate circus. ALL shows, ALL timeslots. That's what I'm talking about! Boo-yah! How do you like us NOW, Fox?

Thus we enter the next phase of shutting down the idiots of Fox who worship at the altar of hate speech and it's about damn time. Remember, you too can add your voice to this important boycott by supporting the people who started it all, Color of Change. Better yet, directly participate by boycotting those who still advertise on Fox. Companies think they are doing the right thing for their profit margins by advertising with the cable 'news' network that supposedly has the most viewers, but what they are really doing is supporting a far right wing propaganda machine. Stop them all now. Help us throw sand in the gears of this ugly hate machine and shut it down forever.


1 comment:

  1. Great news! I have signed all the petitions and hope this continues! Woo Hoo!