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***UPDATE*** Welcome to Glennbeckistan, Pop. 1...

No man is an island but Glenn Beck is quickly becoming a poor third world agrarian society all unto himself. A total of 57 advertisers have now quit his show and you know what? The more desperate he gets, the crazier the 'scenarios', innuendo, rumor, propaganda and lies. It's become an even bigger wild roller coaster ride of crazy lately because now he apparently thinks Obama can travel back in time some odd 50-60 years and influence the artistic and architectural tastes of a Rockefeller.

Van Jones, director of, the site that drove the advertiser boycott also happened to serve in the Obama administration at the Council on Environmental Quality. Notice the past tense in that previous statement. Jones has resigned as a casualty of this culture war. In my opinion he did both a good and a strategic thing. He has removed himself from any potential liability within the administration. Perhaps now he can afford the time to focus even more closely on the culture wars. But by toning the rhetoric down. Not amping the crazy up. That's Beck's 'job'. One he should be leaving soon.

All that remains now is that Beck take his weepy clown broom and weepily sweep up the pooled spotlight into darkness akin to what Red Skelton did when he left television. Carol Burnett used a mop. Might I suggest Glenn use a box of Kleenex? But naaah. Not Losebeckistan! He'll want to go out using the nuclear option. The one where he makes his own head explode. Though something that makes my head explode is the nagging possibility that they may decide to double-down on the crazy by adding Sarah Palin as Beck's co-host. Fox is just THAT crazy.


Arianna agrees.

With Van Jones free of public service duties, he is free to effect real change. But his replacement is also very important lest the green jobs/energy thing fall prey to bamboozling Republican Governors back in their home states, shoveling out large sums of readily available funding for cronies with pet projects. Instead of applying the stimulus funds where they need to go, improperly managed they become more of the same problems we already have, right? Start-ups and companies getting the funds should be held accountable for results. Look, it's the least we should ask for our tax dollars funding this gigantic circus, right? We're overdue for some honesty and accountability from our financial sector, too. Right?


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  1. Lets hope Beck see's this as a big ego boost and pushes his own self over the edge. I bet he will be beside himself giddy. Yup right about now that could get him to wear the brown shirt on his show. I will wait for the comedians to tell me about it.