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Hello World! Hello Robert Meyerowitz!

My friend Robert Meyerowitz mused on why we 'bloggers' even bother to pay attention to the ghostwriting muse that posts 'press releases' to facebook disguised as 'Sarah Palin" -- even going as far to impugn that we did it to drive hits to our little no ad, for free schemes. Oh Robert, that makes me laugh! Thank you! No some of us, for reasons known only unto ourselves are driven to continue to act as heralds to bat-shittery and here is precisely why, my friend: 
"When Palin resigned as governor of Alaska, many progressives and liberals declared victory, just as Beck and his cohorts are doing now over Jones' resignation. But Palin's resignation actually makes her a more dangerous political weapon for the right. As governor, she was chained to a desk in a state far removed from most of our everyday affairs. Now she's like a pitbull running loose with no leash or muzzle."
 That's why. McCain let this genie out of the bottle and for some unexplainable reason we have set ourselves to the task of contianing same. Accept it. Live with it. Better yet, write it. I am NOT making MY living off of it, I have a day job just like you. But from time to time I find the time to frame an opinion or two. So should you. So shall we all.


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