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Slackin' with Lisa

Hey -- nobody pays me to write so I do it when I want. Okay? ;)

Mostly I've been in a quieter observer mode. Seeing how things are playing out. Laying low but jumping in where I feel I need to, but more in the offline world than here, so my apologies for neglecting the blog for an entire week.

One thing that does pique my interest is a maybe, sorta, kinda move to slow down climate change legislation by our own Senator Lisa Murkowski. Shorthand reason: the still unfinished nature of any gas pipeline in Alaska. Everybody else can speculate as to what the REAL reason is but if you can't read the wall that Lisa is sorta, kinda thinking of spraying her own personal graffiti upon, then you don't know Lisa. She's looking out for what she believes are Alaska's economic owners, Big Oil. Don't believe me? Go look up her campaign donations on the FEC website. So basically she's merely doing what her corporate overlords are telling her to do. On the left hand side of the FEC homepage is a link to 'Campaign Finance Reports and Data' punch in Murkowski 2010 in the search box and browse away. Particularly in the non-party and PAC section. See the 'Big Oil' and energy company donors? Understand, now?

You see I'm a constituent too, but not one that works for 'Big Oil' or one that can afford to contribute to her campaign in a large enough amount to get her attention. So basically that means I'm shit out of luck in her book. Were I to remind her that glaciers are melting, ice floes are receding and a host of other obvious signals that demonstrate we're already in the midst of global warming, my words could be ash upon my lips. But ash I'd be more than willing to blow in her ear. When did American Democracy become a patronage system? Oh yeah, when corporations took it over.

But because I still have hope for the American system, I will write her and post her on her facebook account anyhow. Time to register a constituent opinion and hope she wakes the hell up. Stationary CO2 emitters are just as culpable as mobile ones, Senator.


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  1. I'm there with you Laz. I have been writing and calling her since she was appointed to her office.

    My comments to her on the subjects of the Iraq war, the past Administration's illegal activities, health care, and financial crisis woes have ranged from giving her long lists of facts and article links to emotional pleas. I know my opinion is falling on deaf ears.

    Not only is Lisa's agenda the same as Big Oil and the Multi-national corporation's, but she's motivated by the same religeous reason's as Sarah Palin. I recently linked into a page from one of our other progressive Alaska bloggers recently and saw a picture of(sorry I can't remember the link now) Sarah Palin, Sean Parnell, and Lisa Murkowski being blessed by the crazy African witch-remover preacher. If a picture is worth a thousand words; that one surely is.