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tenh-HUT! Part Deux...

I've read Jon Krakauer's Everest book. Though never a mountain climber, more of a bolderer and free climber in a past life, I understood all the terminology. My idea of a climb is looking for stairs or calling for a helicopter if necessary. However, some of my best friends are true climbers. I thought Krakauer's "Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster" an excellent read about a tragic push for summit, poorly timed and perhaps populated by a group not truly schooled in actual high altitude climbing techniques. I've been told that altitude sickness is a demon that will lay you lower than a sick dog, and when you're making decisions to summit with many including some of your best technical climbers unable to do so because of being sick, you're making bad decisions. It's recuperate and then summit or evac. That the choices, folks. Krakauer captured the moment. And the tragic carnage.

Now, no pun intended but certainly appreciated, Krakauer tackles the story of Pat Tillman.


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