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Say Hello To MY Little Friends....

For lo these many moons I have been a lone progressive Alaskan voice wailing and gnashing my teeth at all things Murdoch.

Preaching, "don't link to their content" and "starve them out". And now, I have an idea I may have reached 'the promised land'. An updated list of advertisers supporting the Faux Noise machine! Comes in a spanky new facebook flavor, too. Can I get an amen? Bravo and Hallelujah!

Now can I get back to writing about local Alaskan stuff other than Flippy McQuitter?

Yes I CAN! Soon.



  1. I believe that you and Gryphen must be twins separated at birth...oh the :-)

  2. Bravo!! I have been salivating for a list like this.

  3. Gryphen and I do sort of look alike. I'm older and slightly uglier. ;)