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It is done. Amen.

Well, the House side at least. One last 50 +1 = win vote in the senate and yes we can tell the last vestiges of batshit crazy Reganites, La Rouchies and far right teabaggers to finally STFU. Seriously.

The progressive revolution WILL be digitized. Live facebooked. Watching C-SPAN, munching on popcorn. And damnit if that isn't what America is all about I don't know what is!



  1. Best night since the election. Very satisfying. And the Pres signing: very moving. Been a good week. -- Rocky

  2. Had to leave FB for personal reasons. Regret that I won't be able to check in on your posts. But will check in here now and then, just in case the inspiration strikes you. Thank you for Senryu -- it was a real gift. And to show my gratitude (all I can think of doing) I will read the books you suggested ... and will be watching PBS on April 7. Take care -- Rocky