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The Sleeper Awakens...

In effort to be concise I presume all know about Afghanistan, the situation there, it's American appointed President, and the sorry state of affairs as it pertains to completing the original objective: capturing and prosecuting Osama bin Laden? Okay. Good. For those that don't know (and I encourage you to google and wiki to you hearts content) Hamid Karzai is an ex-negotiator of pipeline right of ways (i.e. a lawyer) for a big oil conglomerate. He was instrumental in getting a pipeline built from Pakistan and Afghanistan to the Caspian Sea area of Russia. So basically doing for the Russians what we (meaning the Bush administration) wanted to do for Iraqi oil. Liberate it for the greater good (and profit) of America(n oil companies)! Only he got the job done for his Russian overlords. Unlike that buffoon al-Malaki that America appointed in Iraq.

What is not so funny, because I find the above hilarious in a disturbing sort of way, is that we are now, as a nation being asked to commit even more blood and treasure propping up an illegitimate Afghan government and I would rather see any armed forces used there focused with laser pinpoint precision upon the true and original target, bin Laden. Time to bring the mastermind of 9/11 to justice. Fuck propping up petty tin-horn dictators and dreams of democratizing the locals. Fuck blood for oil. That is 20th century thinking. Time to move along. Time to fix the problems of America first. Again. We can still help out overseas but is it not well past the time of us thinking we are the police force for the entire world? What the hell is the UN supposed to be if not filling that very role? Time to disband NATO. What is the point? Coldwar is over, right? Time to bring home our troops from Germany and South Korea and Japan and Iraq and Afghanistan and any other place on the planet that isn't legitimate American soil. Time to give Gitmo back to the Cubans and drop the embargoes. Time to force the Israelis and Palistians to hug it out. Time to have a beer (non-alcoholic, of course) with Ahmadinejad. Time for the entire world to be sick and tired of war.

Enough war already, people. Why? Because the world is running out of adult males to continue to fight. Are these the government allies you wish to pair up with our highly trained soldiers, Senator? Congressman? Mr. President? Please. Enough already. Bring our troops home, now. Stop funding perpetual death, before it is too late for us all.



  1. Sorry Laz, as much as he'd like to, he can't bring the troops home now. First reason? No jobs.
    Second reason? He'll appear to be the chicken hawk instead of bush/cheney.
    Third reason? He's like to leave the country in control of someone other than the Taliban.
    that's all I've got for now.
    Peace Out.

  2. I disagree. At all levels. Bringing them all home wouldn't mean they're all fired. Redeploy elsewhere, stand on home defense for the remainder of your hitch or let those in the reserves (many from Alaska) who have been held by force of policy return to their previous lives.

    I also disagree with point number two. I said refocus on the original goal/target, bin Laden. With the right plan that could mean a mission that wouldn't take the force of an occupying army. Seals, Rangers, Commandos even frikken' ninjas but there is no reason to keep shoving grunt level troops into THAT meat grinder.

    Lastly, it already is in the hands of the corrupt despot Bush put in power along with all the opium growing warlords. Neither they or the Taliban in control is good for the country. But I'm pretty damn certain that other than tracking down and bringing OBL to justice, we have no damn business being in the middle of things there either, just like we had little or no reason to sacrifice so much for the previous administration's little adventure into Iraq where we got caught up in the Shiaa/Sunni civil war.

    Bring them home now and refocus on attainable goals that soldiers can accomplish. You don't democratize nations anymore by bombing or fighting them into submission. Attrition most always wins in modern warfare. To the detriment and loss of ALL sides.