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Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, oh so very damn wrong!

These guys know EXACTLY what they are saying and why they are saying it.


As I predicted, the GOP are using more racially charged phrases to talk about their opponent -- Salter said to "expect more of the same, saying the campaign was tired of “catching the spears.” -- because Obama is what?!? Both you and I know where this is leading to... they said this because the context of the racial stereotypes they wish use against Obama play right into the phrase "spearchucker". See the "racial slur" part.

I'm NOT agreeing... in fact I am flabberghasted they are getting away with it while the main stream media seems to be doing it's best to NOT notice. I am pointing out yet another instance where the GOP is using historically charged catch phrases with which to attempt to define their opponent, Barack Obama. They are courting the KKK wing of the party each and every time they play these type of word games and I am 100% abso-friggin-lutely sure it is because they know exactly what it is they are saying while appearing to be coy about it.

They've already used "uppity" via the proxy of two southern GOP members in recent interviews and now they get even less subtle with this quote DIRECTLY from the lips of a McCain campaign aide? It is shameful and an embarrassment to a country whose existence and perhaps even the very pretext of said existence should be about our inclusiveness and diversity as a country -- NOT about the racial epithets used and whose use was originally perfected to serve the agenda of hateful segregationists during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Again, expect a lot more of the same type of bullshit from the Rove educated GOP 'insane clown posse' before they engage with the Obama campaign to actually deal with the real issues. They are now completely out of gas and only this type of crap can refuel their efforts. Because of this, John McCain (who I imagine had a little chuckle to himself when he heard this quote because that's the kind of guy I believe him to be) once again proves his unfitness to serve as commander in chief of this country. He can't even run and control his own damn campaign -- how do we expect he'll be able to run an entire country with asshat aides like this one REALLY running things for him?


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