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It's raining POO!

When the story first broke I predicted to a friend of mine that this investigation, now dubbed 'Troopergate' would become a -- and I quote, "shit-storm of trouble" for Sarah Palin. LONG before she was selected to be John McCain's VP running mate and it is now exactly that:

First Palin welcomed investigation and transparency saying she did nothing wrong nor had anything to hide. Then about a month later an audio tape recording was discovered and released of a conversation between one of her minions and a trooper not even connected to Monegan or Wooten (other than the fact he was a fellow trooper) expressing that "Sarah and Todd are unghappy that no action is taking place with this trooper [Wooten] and they are concerned that he [again implying Wooten] is reflecting badly upon the good image of the state troopers...".

Audio found here:

See also:

Frank Bailey, her former campaign manager and chief of staff was the one heard on that recording, directly pressuring this trooper to bitch it up the chain as it were, hoping to spread dissension through the ranks AFTER the Palins had already approached Monegan to pressure him directly to fire Wooten. As reported by Monegan (in the link at the top) they had already been told that all the complaints against Wooten were both acted and ruled upon -- something they didn't want to hear. There's a phrase for that. It's called "personal vendetta". Yep she's a pitbull alright. But not the kind with lipstick -- the kind that snarls and bites. Bites people that piss her off. She has a long history of this type of behavior politically and it can all be easily documented, so I'll not waste time going over it again. The facts are already out there.

Bailey was suspended when this recording was revealed and is on paid leave at the moment. Palin claimed she and Todd had nothing to do with any of it. Nor that they directed any of her minions to take this sort of action. Funny thing was that she explained her decision to suspend Bailey rather than fire him was motivated by the desire to keep things open and transparent so that an investigation could proceed. She said she welcomed such an investigation and that she would be vindicated in the long run after the truth came out. In retrospect most Alaskans may be of the opinion that she kept him on the payroll rather than firing him outright so that he wouldn't spill his guts. Number me alongside MOST Alaskans.

When asked by Charlie Gibson recently, she again lied about her role in 'Troopergate'. Now they've all lawyered up, with a PERSONAL attorney being paid for BY THE STATE. McCain sent a cadre of operatives up to Alaska AFTER she was selected to be the VP candidate to essentially 're-vet' her and AFTER that, they had the audacity to claim that the DNC had sent their own cadre of 30 operatives up here to work on smearing Palin. That claim was yet another lie by McCain's campaign managers, excellent students of the master Karl Rove that they are (and expert lobbyests for a host of distasteful concerns to disturbing and disgusting to go into now) even going as far to basically write and release a scathing denunciation of the investigators from our empty suited and empty headed Lite Gov., Sean Parnell. It was released THROUGH the McCain campaign for christ sakes. Mr. Rick Davis, please remove you hand from our Lite Govs ass (working his lips like a wooden headed dummy) so he can speak for himself, and crawl back under the rock of douchbaggery from whence you sprung, thank you.

When did Parnell become a member of the Rove/Bush/McCain/Davis team? That must be the day he got some balls loaned to him from the formerly mentioned usual 'Rovian' suspects. Shouldn't both he and Sarah be taking care of state business rather than trying to quash this investigation by spreading outright lies or by directly threatening to quash legislative subpoenas against the witnesses in Palin's inner circle (as attorney general Talis Colberg has also now done)? WTF, people? OATMA (open and transparent my ASS)! If all this isn't "a shit-storm", I don't know what is, people. It's hard to tell which chimp is going to fling some poo next.

Any Alaskan who believes that Parnell was responsible for that press release complaining that the investigation had become "politicized" please raise your hand. Didn't think so. Up until now the man has been as forceful as an al dente angel hair pasta noodle, and that is being kind to poor Sean. He was totally bullied by the head bully of Alaskan politics, Don Young during their primary campaign. Don called him a wimp, an "empty suit" (Don got that one right) and claimed "I beat your Dad before for this seat and I'll beat you, too!" when Parnell announced his intention to run against Young for our sole seat in the U.S. congress. So NOW Parnell grows a pair? Not bloody likely.


and for more background see:

More info from Andrew Halcro, to whom most if not all of the credit for blowing this one wide open goes (based upon an initial tip from a reader of his blog):

and many, many more... I suggest you go to his main site. Him and I don't agree on everything. I too am an independent and progressive Republican. Bet you never thought you'd see those used together in the same sentence. But Halcro nailed this one and for that I and all of us must give him his 'props'. (That's "proper respect" for all you older folks).

Halcro was an republican ex-legislator who ran agains Frank Murkowski and Sarah Palin as an Independent but unfortunately lost. Not because of me. In the primaries (which are closed ones btw, meaning that if you are a registered Democrat you cannot vote the Republican ticket, but if you are a Republican you can vote whatever ticket you want -- corrupt, old boys network laws up here much? You betcha!) I voted for the "anybody but Frank" ticket, namely Sarah Palin. So I helped to defeat Frank Murkowski. Yay! Go me! In the election I voted for Halcro. I wish more people would have done the same. As much as I personally like Tony Knowles who ran against Palin and Halcro, it seemed to me like his heart just wasn't in it last time. Nothing personal, Tony.

Halcro has done an excellent job of digging up the dirt on this story and there is plenty of it to dig. I keep saying (besides my "shitstorm" comment) that when it comes to 'Troopergate' no matter how deep you dig, the hole only gets deeper for Palin and company and there's nothing but MORE and MORE dirt in it.

Stay tuned for more shenannigans because this scandalous abuse of power as perpetrated by the governor is going to mean the END of her political career, no matter how much she and McCain and all their operatives try to bury it. No matter how much they try and stonewall the present bi-partisan mandated legislative investigation and no matter how many times she continues to lie about it.

And to my fellow Alaskans -- I hope you brought an umbrella AND you're wearing your breakup boots because the forcast only calls for more shit. Fifty plus more days and nights of it, blowing hard and horizontal -- it'll continue to rain cat and dog turds up here. With widly scattered bouts of chicken shit thrown in for variety. Mark my words. Best to be prepared for the inevitable fallout afterwards too, because Palin and company will be looking for blood once her and McSame lose. And they will. Then we'll ALL be in deep shit.


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